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    NEW RACE: Half-Demon (Defiant)

    • Upgrade of Vanilla and TBC races
    • Racial traits redesigned and customised
    • Revampment of all TBC zones
    • New light and darkness effects
    • Rebuild of the Temple of Karabor
    • Conclusion of the conflict between Garrosh and Sylvanas
    • Introduction to possible Fourth War
    • Corruption and conspiracies among the Horde caused by Nathrezim and Old Gods
    • Persecution of Humans and High Elves currently living in north EK (includes the Sunwell and neutral factions)

    Faction/Affiliation: Horde, formerly Illidan's forces, independent
    Racial capital: Illiaden
    Population: 5,000
    Racial leader(s): Twin Sisters Akasha and Kiara, disciples of Varedis
    Racial mount: Mutant Beast
    Primary lenguage(s): Illedar, Demonic
    Secundary lenguage(s): Thalassian, Darnassian, Common, Orcish
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    “At the dawn of the forbidden tales a hero stood before the very God of Destruction whom blessed him with unspeakable power. Blinded by the flames of God his path was enlightened with secrets of the wicked and whispers of a tragic destiny. The world he once protected now turned against him. Hunted like an animal he finally was trapped in total darkness for thousands of years. But the world prayed for one last hope. And he was the last hope as he wiped out the unstoppable legions of God. Still the ignorant and impure banished him in fear for the unknown.

    In a new world shattered by chaos the minions of God were found abusing the land and terrorising the weak. A hero knew what justice was and so he judged them all and vanquished the wicked. He ruled wisely as the new lord of Draenor teaching us the ways of the forbidden and the glaive. But all of this came to an end when invaders from the impure world charged through our gates in the name of greed and hypocrisy to bring justice to the just.

    Those loyal to the truth were chosen by one hero to flee back to the old world. Through a portal made by one last breath we escaped to the snowy mountains and found shelter beneath the frozen earth. There we continue our search for purity in the darkness. There we keep seeking punishment for God and the ignorant. There we remember our Lord Stormrage!”

    From the Defiant 'Book of Sins'


    So basically this race is the result of a mutation that occurred after years of practising with forbidden energies in the darkness. But many years before that, Illidan ordered his four disciples to train an army of Illidari demon hunters on the ruins of Karabor as a preparation for any future Burning Legion assaults. When the heroes of Alliance and the Horde under the Sha'tar wiped out Illidan’s forces in Shadowmoon Valley, a few thousand managed to survive and quickly headed back to their master. But when they arrived they were immediatly teleported to Alterac by Illidan himself before he engaged in battle. Shocked by having their lives spared instead of being ordered to charge the intruders, the demon hunters felt chosen. They came to worship him as their idol and be inspired by his last decision. Thus the remnant Blood Elves and Night Elves fled through the portal and made a unique society of their own beneath the mountains of Alterac, under the guidance of the twin sisters Akasha and Kiara. Therefore they left behind what they were meant to be and made a vow to fight against their inevitable downfall for a future of their own, renaming themselves "Defiant". Now they try to forget the terrible memories to move on with their lives and find a way to clean Illidan's name. And if they found a way...

    ...bring him back.

    "There is no other evil here than your ignorance, paladin. And no other good than the knowledge we possess."

    The demon hunters had from the very start of their hard training oppressed their emotions and nightmares in order to survive the social patterns in Illidan’s forces. Persuaded to never show any remorse, fear, pity or love they eventually were consumed by inner emptiness. Until Lord Stormrage showed kindness for the first time ever. Now, more tolerant towards emotions and generosity because of their master's action, they seek truth and purity to soothe their confusion caused by such radical social and psychological changes. Personality disorders grew among the Defiant people as a consequence of their identity crisis, causing an obsession with Illidan’s history and teachings to find answers. They are also known for having two faces of the same coin. A duality between the cold-blooded killing monsters they were trained to be and the philosophical force of vigilantes they chose to be.

    Years underground in constant exposure to chaotic and demonic magic began to drastically change their appearance. Now being half-demon and half-humanoid, not only in their personality, but in their looks as well. The more obsessed they were with Illidan and the more they bended the dark energies, the more their bodies transformed into something monstrous. By enslaving summoned demons and other humanoid races from the surface, they have built the city of Illiaden, and other settlements surrounding it. There have also been Defiant that have lost themselves into chaos, becoming mindless beasts used as mounts and draft animals.

    The war between the Horde and the Alliance on the surface has caught the attention of the Defiant's both faces. The question remains if they will turn north and seek aid among the Forsaken and Blood Elves, who share a blurry past and a tolerance for outsiders, or will they turn west in search for Illidan's past in the lands of the Night Elves?

    Defiant controlled Alterac and Silent Depths

    ILLIADEN - The Defiant City

    After walking as deep underground as the cave's darkness let them, the Defiant finally came to an empty core. It was a place rich in minerals and water from which they began to construct villages, sewers, monuments and tunnels combining the Alteracian and Sin’dorei architectures with a demonic twist, as an inspiration from their days in Black Temple. Assured that there was no threat in the silence of the core they didn’t bother to build any defences and only concentrated on their demon hunter training and their practice with chaotic energies. But one day a swarm of giant arthropods attacked their settlements from all directions like a rampaging plague of locusts, followed by the unpredictable mutation of many Defiant into hungry beasts and the destruction of the exit to the surface...

    On the edge of ruin two sisters, known as the best disciples of the deceased Varedis, reorganized the dispersed and wounded Defiant in Silent Depths and headed south. The magic gifted began to summon demons as servants, rather than slaying them for fun, and used their strength to build giant walls all around their camp until it finally formed a pentagon. In the middle a fortified tower was risen to the core's roof, becoming the new elevator to the upper lands.

    From the snowy lands above, Humans and Dwarves were stalked and hunted for their sins to late be brought to the depths as slaves or practice dummies. A mysterious dark ore was mined from Silent Depths' dark waters and used to reinforce all buildings with plate, demonic gargoyles, large tags and spikes. A city of stone, metal and active life rose from the ground. Icy blue light fell down on the dark city from the open exit on top of the tower, being the only illumination they ever had apart from the current of chaotic energies flowing outside the city. On the surface the cave was hidden behind an Alteracian outpost, recently built to protect their entrance from intruders.

    Inside the black walls of Illiaden houses, arenas, academies, markets, workshops and military quarters are beautifully surrounding the great tower, which came to be the seat of power. Its people could now repopulate appease and retake their old villages and monuments in the Silent Depths. Metal factories were implemented on the desolated parts of the core and are easily recognized underground and on the upper lands for their large chimneys that release green flames. The Defiant kingdom flourished in economy and military power as they expanded their lands by using the demons and slaves to excavate further beyond.

    Both sisters remained in command at the same time, something very rare in all cultures, and nobody opposed their wisdom, beauty or tragic past. Akasha had proven to be unreachable with her spells and Kiara unstoppable with her glaives. Both created a hierarchy of knowledge and pain that awarded those who questioned and endured their mental suffering the most. The darker your past has been the more respect you will receive from the society. Defiant also carry on their tutor's name instead of having a surname, the clan's or their father’s name (Ex. Thor, son of Odin = Zanya, disciple of Alandien) to honour their teachers.

    Note: After joining the Horde the Defiant built the subterranean Styx Canals to connect Illiaden with Undercity and Silvermoon.

    Defiant (Illiaden) theme music


    A Defiant has a chaotic behaviour and thinking, and often suffers of double personality disorders. In one end of their life there is this violent past that has corrupted their consciousness for years, and on the other end their inner child is searching for something to hold on to. They hardly remember anything about themselves due to their harsh training in Karabor and thus became paranoid of such insecurity, questioning everything about life and death. That’s why they seek the truth in purity and are disgusted by dogmatic societies or people living in denial, which shows their defiant attitude towards irrational authorities and social standards. Defiant culture has shown them very interested in poems, tales, sciences and reading books. Stories about revolution, redemption and martyrdom are very popular in Defiant literature.

    Defiant sometimes see themselves as impure because of the deeds they committed in the past and their monstrous appearance, punishing themselves in different ways to feel better. It is clearly that they are in war with their demonic self every time they make a decision. Some even consider themselves unworthy of their lives. But in general all Defiant do not value their own lives making them fearless and unpredictable warriors, willing to sacrifice themselves for a better cause. Most of the Defiant would change their names to forget their old lives, or simply add demonic consonants into their real names.

    “The Book of Sins” was written by the twin sisters Akasha and Kiara to maintain the community's discipline and inspire those who are losing themselves in their inner chaos. It is also known that it was made to give the Defiant a new bone to satisfy their addiction to violence without doing any "wrong", a consequence of their trauma. This means giving them the right to bring judgement and punishment to all races. Committing a crime or disgrace must be judged by the victim in the tribunal (Ex. you were raped, that criminal will be judged by you) and later punished by the anxious demons in the dark pits or tortured to death by Defiant, or simply becoming a slave of the victim if he/she is ever lucky to find such merciful Defiant. The few that manage to escape back to the surface referred Illiaden as hell and shared their horrifying experiences to the people before suddenly disappearing one day.

    Mixing sadism with the concept of fighting fire with fire, they believe victory tastes better if the enemy is defeated by its own weapon. Thus they gladly learn the ways of their opponents so they can use them in battle for the sake of joy. Defiant wear as little armour as possible for speed and manoeuvrability, chuckling most of the time and enjoying every drop of blood spilled on the earth no matter whose it belongs to. They are not afraid to charge against a bigger or stronger opponent nor do they care if outnumbered. In fact, they will always aim for the certain death to feel important or to punish themselves. They are called sadomasochists for a reason.

    Their mind is so profound and chaotic that trying to get inside of their head would only cause damage and madness for those who dared to look inside. This makes them the first known race to be immune to mind control and similar effects, making them an even greater threat to the hidden Burning Legion agents and other corrupting forces in Azeroth.

    "I do not believe in madness. But I do believe in weakness when hearing the truth."


    In order to prevent their people from losing their conscience and violently mutate while using dark magic, they summoned a meeting of those who knew the most about Lord Stormrage and wrote a book of laws based on the events in his life. It was named “The Book of Sins”. They do not consider him to be a divine deity nor do they believe in such thing as the Holy Light. Not because they are blind, but because they find it irrational to value an elemental school more than the others. That’s what the Light is to them, an element just like Fire or Air, thus being more acceptant towards elementalism than the devotion to a single element. Neither do they trust the spirits of nature, as nature is in constant changing and change is not the truth they seek.

    Pure truth is their purpose in life, a never-ending search for something that never changes and is always perfect and clean. Being paranoid creatures they can only find peace within truth, and dying to achieve it is reasonable. The world is seen as a place of endless suffering, thus death is melancholic welcomed. And since the world is such torment the Defiant relate it with Sargeras and personify him as God for being so similar to the world’s character. Therefore they hate the world, and God. So if a worshipper of any "God" talked about their angels and miracles the Defiant would interpret it as if they were talking about Sargeras, his minions and tragedies.

    Neither do they believe in a destiny, since every day they keep their consciousness the Defiant prove to the world that people have control over their lives. Defiant are proud and reckless philosophers who adore Illidan as their guru, looking down on those who cannot motivate or explain their faith and loyalty or those who contradict their beliefs in their actions. They also honour their teachers and martyrs just like Tauren honour their ancestors, and even demonstrate a form of spiritualism when seeking advice from the defunct.

    Physical appearance

    Before the mutation there were Alteracian, Sin’dorei and Kaldorei among the people descending into the underworld, so their appearance depends a lot. The average Defiant is athletic muscular, a bit taller than before due to their new leg's shape, have cloven hooves, two upper fangs, claws and backward leaned horns. They are also blind because of its demand as demon hunter, giving them green spectral eyes that enables them to see souls, undead and demons as torches floating in the darkness. Their skin is pale like ash mixed with delicate green, blue, orange and brown hues and burned spots in different places of their body. They've also developed an incredible sense of smell and hearing to compensate their sight lose. Something that all have in common are the arcane tattoos on their upper body and face that synchronize the chaotic energies and the black burned spots around their eye sockets. Facial piercings of all kind are also normally seen. The Defiant do not have body hair, wings or oversized horns like Illidan Stormrage.

    Less mutated Defiant have no horns but maintain their hooves and claws. The majority of the warriors and females are among these. The reason behind the female Defiant weak mutation is their manipulation of magic in such elegant way to not cause any alterations that could affect their mortal beauty, a sign of their appearance obsession, but to also tempt sinners that walk by to later enslave or torment.

    Those Defiant devoted to the energies are the most heavily affected by the mutation, resulting in a disproportioned body, losing muscular tissues making them look like skeletons or beasts with large horns, spikes sticking off their bones and multiple fangs. Demonic glow smoke out from their tattoos and eyes more than they usually do.

    When customising your character you will have the options to change the shapes and numbers of horns, hairstyles, faces and their facial features (there you can choose between pointy or round ears, piercings, facial tattoos or, etc.) which depends if you want a more monstrous or humanoid look. A unique feature of the Defiant is while being in combat your tattoos will glow lime green.

    Male Defiant

    Female Defiant

    Racial mount
    - A monstrous mutation of the Defiant, losing completely their conscience.


    Although Defiant left their traditional demon hunter training aside, they still practice it in combination with other arts. Tradition demands them to complete their hard training and become demon hunters in order to be recognized as a Defiant. Fuelling themselves and their possessions with the enslaved demon's energies is still practised and has even become part of their everyday routines.

    Many Defiant specialised in channelling the chaotic (arcane, elemental) and demonic energies through their bodies and weapons to obtain devastating power. Eventually they got separated from the other demon hunters as they dropped their weapons and turned to the arcane books instead. That way the first mages and warlocks came to be acknowledged. More traditional Defiant chose to combine their old training with other arts (hunter, rogue and warrior) in order to survive underground and on the frozen surface. Furthermore, to contribute their nation with an organised offensive and defensive army.

    There were philosophers that did not agree entirely with the concept of a world filled with only suffering. A more optimist and tolerant group of Defiant spend their free time admiring the sound of the creeks, the touch of snow, the smell of trees and other experiences they never felt before in Outland. The chaotic streams of magic flowing beneath Alterac had woken ancient elements imprisoned beneath the black waters, corrupting them aggressively. These Defiant heard their cry for help in the wind and unleashed the elementals from their prison. But there were no gratitude they received but an assault. Fascinated to see such pure and chaotic beings the Defiant responded with the same power. Killing most of them the shocked elementals immediately offered them their support and knowledge. In exchange they pledged the Defiant to drain the painful corruption from their essence. Thus the Defiant learned the ways of chaotic elementalism and crafted totems from bones of demons and continued to feel the beauty in the earth as they learned more about it.

    Many scouts and hunters that explored the nearby lands of Silverpine and Plaguelands clashed in battle with the Scourge. Other Defiant hunt them to satisfy their hunger for violence. There is also a demon hunter trial that demands to kill a number of Scourge. Among these, some have fallen under the grasp of the Lich King, being tortured and reanimated as a punishment for their many assaults on Scourge they now serve him... Or strategically got captured on purpose to gain new power to fight undeath with undeath.

    Racial abilities

    Sadomasochism - Instant - 3 min cooldown
    Release your hidden desires for 15 seconds, increasing all damage on your target by 2%. But also making you bleed for 25% of the total damage caused once the effect wears off. This effect stacks for up to 5 times every time you deal a critical strike.

    Spectral Sight - Instant - 30 sec cooldown
    Show the location of all nearby demons, undead and ghosts of other players in the minimap for 5 seconds.

    Fel Truth - Passive
    All your physical attacks have a chance to deal 1% additional damage as chaos damage. In addition your fire, frost and nature spells have been altered by demonic energies.

    Resentment - Passive
    Increases your chance to resist any Fear, Charm, Sleep or Mind Control effects by 10%.

    Dark Signs - Passive
    15 point skill bonus to Inscription.

    These are the colours of Fire (green), Frost/Water (silver) and Nature (purple) spells when playing a Defiant. Both offensive and defensive spells from these three schools are affected by the racial. Also the sword with the green lightning is the chaos damage from Fel Truth!

    Ascending... to the Horde

    The Night Elves who followed Illidan's crusade to Outland were outcasts from the beginning. Never appreciated for their sacrifice they cursed all life on Azeroth before they disappeared inside the Dark Portal. All bounds were cut ever since. Years later, thousands of Blood Elves were sent by Kael'thas Sunstrider to be trained under the guidance of Illidan's disciples. But when both races of demon hunters returned back to the old world they felt like newborn child as they had forgotten most of their lives in Azeroth as a consequence of the training. Walking countless nights through the frozen wastes without food they grew restless.

    One night of full moon two wandering demon hunters followed the scent of blood until they discovered a village being raided by bandits. For very personal reasons, the future leaders of the Defiant known as the twin sisters Akasha and Kiara, they silently infiltrated the village to find out what happened. Disturbed and reminded by the corpses of men and abused women and children screaming inside the houses they started slaughtering the aggressors and in their rampage burned down the entire village. With nowhere else to go, the remnant women and children begged to follow the sisters. Aware that they had brought a burden over their shoulders the sisters agreed as long as they provided them with supplies and trained to become worthy demon hunters. Gladly the Humans accepted and sent word to all nearby villages in the land that the saviours of the Alteracian people had arrived.

    The news quickly spread to all corners of Alterac and hope to end the terror of the Syndicate and Crushridge clan united the scattered Alteracian people. At first opposed to accept weak Humans in their prestigious fellowship, the demon hunters eventually realized that they could make use of them to survive in the unknown lands and recognized the strength in the Human spirit when training them. For each day that passed more villagers came to offer food, cloth and other gifts as a symbol of their appreciation and will to learn from them. Akasha and Kiara finally convinced the opposition sceptics that in order to start a new life they had to leave behind the old ways, now that Lord Stormrage had blessed them with a second chance to live. This was the time when Humans joined their society and the beginning of the Defiant philosophy. Soon after the Night Elves, Blood Elves and Humans renamed themselves Defiant and descended beneath the earth through a secret passage inside a cave that the villagers of southern Alterac used as a refuge. There they spent the next 15 years practising with forbidden magic, resuming their demon hunter training and changing.

    Of curiosity some Defiant explored the surroundings of Alterac, finding more villagers wanting to join their cause. But soon these Humans were dismantled as members of the Syndicate, resulting in the genocide of the Human organization and their Ogre allies when the Defiant found out about their plans to plunder their secret kingdom. Losing motivation to seek any further contact with other civilizations they returned to the depths. But still they watched as Forsaken and Alliance fought on the surface, pondering if they should send their representatives.

    Their isolation ended when a Defiant rogue, Alexzis disciple of Varedis, explored the forests of Silverpine and found a dozen of undead soldiers making their way through the forest under the rain. As she followed them she noticed with her scorched eyes that one of the undead had an unusual bright torch inside its chest. Finally they stopped in front of a dark cave and one of the soldiers started to argue with the torch, who seemed to be someone of high rank. Alexzis witnessed as the torch was about to draw his sword while she bit her lip and smiled in excitement for what she just had noticed…

    At the time the undead soldiers reacted she had already stabbed him with the bright torch twice on its back. Suddenly bats came out of the open wounds and the soldiers began to fight each other. A big shadow lay upon Alexzis revealing its true form. The Dreadlord was no match for the rogue’s demonic words and swift strikes. Retaking a defensive position she stood before the remnant undeads. After analysing her appearance, one of the soldiers ordered the rest to lower their weapons as he thanked her for saving them. He presented himself as High Executor Hadrec of the Forsaken and explained the situation. The Forsaken had apparently gone through a hard time with the spies of the Burning Legion controlling many inside their forces. He admired her ability to see demons and deal with them in no time. Therefore he told her that his people could make good use of such gift to bring order once again. She understood what their people must have gone through after suffering a flashback that reminded her about her people's struggle beneath the surface. And so she followed Hadrec back to Undercity, there she got to meet Sylvannas Windrunner. Curious about Alexzis' demonic features the queen wanted to hear her story before she could propose her leaders a seat inside the Horde. After some thought and knowing that the Defiant were in need of an ally to achieve their goals she accepted to cooperate.

    The Forsaken, first insecure and suspicious about their demonic side, noticed their mental and cultural similarities and began to build strong bonds with the Defiant. Many of the Defiant, having once been Blood Elves before the mutation, sought support from Lor’themar Theron and his people to be accepted in the Horde. Recognizing their will to redeem themselves and their exploitation of chaotic powers in such elegant and controlled way, the Blood Elves felt compassion and admiration thus being more than willingly to accept them and fight by their side once again like they once did when reclaiming Quel’thalas. The twin leaders of the Defiant kingdom, Akasha and Kiara, accepted to help the Eastern Horde to hunt down the remaining Burning Legion and Scourge hiding among their ranks in return for a harbour in the west coast. An expedition to Kalimdor in search for Illidan’s past was arranged. And so the Defiant began to build giant subterranean canals to connect Undercity and Silvermoon with Illiaden, opening foreign markets and exporting metals, precious stones, prisoners and magical artefacts through the Styx Canals. Hooded pilgrims travelled boldly from Quel'dalas and human villages to the depths of Alterac in search for Defiant guidance in their addiction to magic, or simply to gain power for personal vengeance if they survived the harsh life beneath the mountains.

    When the news that half-demons had allied themselves with Sylvanas came to Orgrimmar, a furious Garrosh commanded his mages to teleport him immediately to Undercity. But Vol’jin interrupted him right outside Undercity and told him to reconsider whatever he was about to do and reminded him about the decision Thrall made when the Forsaken joined the Horde. He also pointed out that the Defiant eyes could be used to uncover the corrupting forces in their cities. Garrosh listened carefully and looked upon his Kor’kron elite guards and noticed some Orcs peculiarly nervous. The Warchief agreed with Vol’jin and continued to walk inside the city... he suddenly stopped and ordered his Kor’kron to follow him to meet the Defiant.

    Leveling zones

    Note: The original core beneath Alterac is bigger than the controlled Silent Depths. By exploring too far west or south you'll finally be outside the map and start losing health in pitch black darkness as you hear strange whispers and crawlings.
    Note 2: The darkened parts of Haunted Canyon are underground.

    Silent Depths (lvl 1-10)
    Here is where you start, 400 meters beneath the feet of the snowy mountains. This zone consists of a number of tunnels, dig sites, sinister monuments, demon pits and underwater caves. It will be the darkest place you’ve ever been in World of Warcraft, and the most silent as well. Not silent because it seems empty, but because all mobs are usually in stealth and do not make obvious sounds when attacking you. So you'll probably want to stay close to the glowing crystals found in various corners to see what you are fighting. You will not get out of this zone until you've completed your trials at level 8 and are sent to the snowy surface to kill undead and demons and enslave humanoids.

    You start as a Defiant finishing his/her demon hunter training after a long pause. Many quests involve you to hunt down demons and prisoners that have escaped into the darkness, stop swarm of arthropods trying to overrun settlements in pure “Starship Troopers” style, investigate the whisperings coming from the northwest corner of Silent Depths, dive in dark waters and execute other Defiant that have lost control.

    After you’ve reached level 8 you will be enabled to complete the demon hunter trials. Among them you must kill a powerful demon with your bare hands (The Fel Truth racial will help you here a little bit), get your weapon forged with ores mined from the deep waters, and other stuff. There is a trial there you have to kill a sinner from the upper lands, but you can choose to not. You save time by doing it, but if don't you will get another quest there you must kill loads of mutated monsters.

    The last one sends you to the surface to hunt down some Scourge and later Dreadlords. You decide whether you want to complete it west at the border of Silverpine Forest or east, in Strahnbrad. If you chose to go west you will meet with groups of hostile Forsaken, so you must find the one that i possessed with your racial Spectral Sight and kill it fast. After that they will just stop attacking you and thank you. However, if you go to Strahnbrad you'll see a wounded Blood Elf messenger being ambushed by a group of possessed Syndicate. Your decision will send you to either Silverpine or Ghostlands.

    Silent Depths theme music

    Phasing zone: Dark Memories - Draenor (lvl 1-40)
    A phased dimension there you are back years before the death of Illidan. This place is triggered when you complete certain quests; score a specific number of kills, visit certain zones or other random actions. The flashback works like a mini-quest hub there you must complete one of the quests given to you by different characters in Black Temple, and at the same time defeat your inner demons (shadowy images of you) while you are in the flashback. When you’re finished you’ll be back in the real world and continue with whatever you were doing before the flashback. If you fail, you have lorewise mutated into a mindless beast, but it won't happen in the game.

    In the flashback you are a Night Elf, Blood Elf or Human demon hunter receiving training from the four disciples of Illidan. You’ll have the unique abilities and equipment of a demon hunter during this event. Many of the quests involve slaughtering innocent people, sacrificing and killing comrades and other stuff you’re not so proud of in the present.

    You will gain experience inside this phased zone. But you will only be allowed to get flashbacks until you reach level 40. From thereon you are considered to have moved on with your life and survived your hardest psychological period. Flashbacks reflect the personality issues the Defiant suffer. The reason for this flashback mode is compensation for not having the same phasing events as the Worgen, Goblin and <insert new Alliance race> starting zones. If you’ve done the quests in Icecrown there you get to play as Arthas you will immediately understand this concept.

    Hunted Canyon (lvl 20-25)
    Once an old fortress, Caer Darrow was used as an academy of necromancy by the Cult of the Damned. Not long before Naxxramas and many of the Lich King’s forces had been summoned back to Northrend, the headmaster Gandling began to make plans for a new school inside a hidden canyon in the misty southern mountains. When the leadership of the Scourge passed to Bolvar Fordragon all students of Scholomance retreated south to the new school and continued their studies under the guidance of Gandling.

    Inside the canyon an isolated village of Humans (probably Arathorian descendants) was discovered. The cult took advantage of their denial of any other life outside the canyon to abduct them one by one and use them as test subjects. The village’s elders made up stories about witches and demons to answer questions they didn’t have the answers to. This was intended to "calm down the villagers" but instead it started a wave of witch prosecutions. The buried corpses of the fallen in the events mysteriously disappear over the nights as the canyon slowly began to change. Rumours told about evil trees growing faces, hooded shadows walking in the forests and risen criminals growling in the dark. The canyon was now inhabited by screams, ghosts, monsters and mysteries. Thus the villagers stayed away from the forests as they hysterically executed innocent people.

    As the Defiant expanded their underground lands further east they felt a strong unholy presence coming from the surface. By exploring through a tunnel, two scouts found their way inside the Haunted Canyon. The unholy energies came from a mansion deep inside the dark forest. Before they had a chance to return with the news, a pack of undead beasts and humanoids intercepted them. After the unusual fast and aggressive undead reached the western settlements, Akasha and Kiara sounded the horns of war and marched east cutting their way through the endless hordes of beasts and undead until they found themselves looking upon the evil forests of Haunted Canyon. The place for the first battle of the Defiant.

    Haunted Canyon theme music

    Q&A - Defiant

    What's the story behind the name 'Defiant'?
    They made a vow to fight against their dark destiny making them Defiant from thereon. Besides they are paranoid and unpredictable by nature and don’t feel comfortable in any social patterns or routines and always find themselves questioning everything in a conversation thus having a strong defiant attitude as well.

    Why should Blizzard add this race to the game?
    Introducing a demonic race into World of Warcraft would have the same reaction as when undead were first introduced among the Horde races. Controversial but innovative at the same time, this race will guaranteed be the center of attention. The Defiant combine the physical brutality of the Horde races in Kalimdor with the sophistication of eastern races without making them feel out of place. Also, their outcast theme reflects how the Horde’s concept was intended to be in the beginning.

    How would it improve the game?
    Variation is an important factor when making a product. There are already noble native races and the stereotyped knights in blue armour in different shapes, but only one dark and profound race that stands out. The Defiant would open a new door for old and new players interested in playing a demon for the first time in the history of MMOs.

    Why would the community choose to play a Defiant?
    You will want a Defiant for their cool and sinister look, having the freedom to choose either beautiful faces or beastly forms, or why not combining them both? They also have tattoos that glow when you enter combat which will make you want to remove most of your gear to see it, ironically reminding about how demon hunters used as little armour as possible. The corrupted magic colours are also something really cool. How long hasn’t the community asked for green fire? Let some dark purple for nature and dirty silver for frost follow in the box too! And if you’re not convinced by appearances then you will get sucked by the story and psychology of the Defiant.

    Their dark and chaotic character in combination with their flashbacks in form of phasing zones, that can occur when you least expect it, and the two new levelling zones with sinister and mysterious themes will make you experience something you never experienced before. And the role-players will love it, no doubt.

    Is there anything they won't like about the race?
    The simple fact that they are a demonic race and thus unworthy to join their factions and that it might be too dark and complicated to understand for the general public. You either love them or hate them, or play them because they are awesome.

    They seem like a neutral race, why would they join the Horde/Alliance?
    Despite that they are economically and cultural independent they don’t have the freedom to mobilize their people without being persecuted and hunted like demons or risking revealing their hidden kingdom. That’s why they are badly in need of allies to achieve their goals in the western continent. Being excellent demon and undead exterminators and having the ability to see evil through people’s eyes makes them very appealing to have next to you in bad times. Not mentioning that they are technically immune to mind control and that they own one of the richest sources of minerals in Azeroth.

    It might look like the factions don’t want them by their side, but sooner or later they will fight for who’s going to be first to bring them under their banner.

    How could such powerful nation be founded in such little time?
    The Defiant were no regular citizens but a society of mighty demon hunters with a huge pool of experience, knowledge and military force. Under the mountains of Alterac they had all the resources they needed to build a strong kingdom with the help of slaves from the surface and summoned demons in no time. Black Temple was raided year 32 and it has passed 7 years since then (Cataclysm) and this race will not be around for like one or two more expansions. So this race would be introduced around year 43-46, which means that it has been 15 years since they settled down under Alterac. With new Human recruits from the defenceless villages around Alterac and the demonic power to alter the mental and physical age, the Defiant have increased their numbers twofold since they first came to Alterac.

    Still not convinced? Well, it took 10 years for Sylvanas to create the superpower the Forsaken is today.

    How do they fit into the lore?
    Defiant are the demon hunters of the Illidari forces in Shadowmoon Valley commanded by Illidan Stormrage. Now here are we looking back to what happened before and after The Burning Crusade expansion. The Defiant have a personal relation with Illidan, who they call master and lord for letting them escape through a portal to Alterac before you killed Illidan and looted the purples. In Alterac they indirectly saved the lives of some villagers being terrorised by bandits, which encouraged the other scattered Humans of the fallen kingdom to join their cause. Thereafter the lore evolved on its own bellow the snowy ground, there the remaining Illidari and Alteracian renamed themselves Defiant and began to abuse chaotic and demonic energies thus changing their appearance forever. They became a race of their own and seek redemption for their master and a way to bring peace in their tormented minds.

    How will the Defiant change the world?
    It depends on which faction will welcome and accept the Defiant first. The Alliance would have a powerful army and a base in the north for once, hence having a chance to turn the tide against the Forsaken. The Horde could need their resources to continue and improve the ongoing industrial revolution also giving them an opportunity to push their forces further south to Ironforge. And of course, being enabled to hunt down the Burning Legion and Scourge controlling their units once and for all.

    Overall the Defiant will bring new opportunities for the lore to evolve in a way that will please the new players and the veterans from Warcraft. Their dark and outcast theme could spread to the rest of the Horde and bring them back to the Horde from Warcraft. Also the social and moral differences between Alliance and Horde would grow as the Alliance’s prejudges would increase with the addition of half-demons among the Horde armies. A possible return of Illidan would also be available.

    It isn't clear if the Defiant are humanoids or demons. Why?
    They are neither of them. Inside the game you will see “Hethalion, level 85 Half-Demon Shaman” and be referred as “Hello, Half-Demon…” by quest givers, but from a lore point of view they would get offended and chuckle as you give them a reason to torment you. They are aware of their appearance but don’t like to be called by something they use as slaves or target dummies. So technically they are humanoids that have mutated demonic features but hate to be reminded about it and be categorized as demons. So they're not demons.

    Where do you put the saddle on that thing?
    Ehm, between their ribs and waist. Can't you just imagine them without that many blades on their back?
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    there's something annoying about the font you're using, not really sure what it is tho. couldn't read it all sorry.

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    u ma xoxo L O V E
    Hawt picture!

    Sounds interesting. Expecting more information tho, so keep it coming!

    Edit: I can´t seem to look away from your avatar. Damn it!
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    you mean a small font? try glasses there bud
    and to the OP demon hunter **** again.... cmon who cares itll be a long time be4 blizz even throws out the idea of another class
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    you will not be able to sway blizzards decisions on class creation, if they are going to put in a new one anytime soon, which they wont for at least another 2 expansions then it will be something plausable and unique. So please stop putting this stuff on here, if anywhere post it on the us forums or something, you will get a real opinion there...
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    O.o the story was kinda good... we bow before Lord Stormrage.. for all eternity

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    Nice concept for the race but I think they need a fancy name. I can imagine:

    Lv 12 Demon Hunter Hunter

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    I always imagined if they did add Demon hunters, it would be in a Emerald Dream x-pac where we meet Illidan (Emerald Dream = Night elf Afterlife), perhaps in wisp form. But I like yours more.

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    On topic: How about making this race dual-faction. You choose which faction you want your demon hunter to be a part of on character creation screen... and there are two different starter zones for these, perhaps in Outlands. Phased Black Temple training grounds anyone?
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    Alright, working on the lore to get them in the Eastern Horde!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earenbane View Post
    you will not be able to sway blizzards decisions on class creation, if they are going to put in a new one anytime soon, which they wont for at least another 2 expansions then it will be something plausable and unique. So please stop putting this stuff on here, if anywhere post it on the us forums or something, you will get a real opinion there...
    Might want to reread the OP, no where in the post did he suggest a new class and while his ideas for a new RACE(not class, race) may not sway blizzard one way or the other it never hurts for the community to throw out new ideas like this if they are well thought out. Plus who knows, maybe Blizz will like the idea and potentially change it to fit the game as they think it should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hethalion View Post
    Alright, working on the lore to get them in the Eastern Horde!
    Eastern.... what.

    Nononononononono. Make them for Alliance and Horde, pleeeease.
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    I do not understand, all things point it to be set as a race in Rift TBH, so is this for wow or rift?

    Do not want to see some bologna answer like "L O L in WoW forums stinkerhead"!

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    I like the class icons...

    but aren't the Defiant a faction in Rift?

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    Will be damn painfull too ride their racial mount though :S

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    Also, the opening paragraph...talking about a God? There is no singular deity in the WoW universe. There are the Titans, The Old Gods, the Eternals...Demi-Gods....The Loa, the Elemental Lords, the Elemental Spirits, Elune/Mu'sha, An'She...the Earthmother...The Aspects...(I don't know what other all-power beings there are in the WoW universe)...The Nathrezim/Dreadlords? Oh and the Eredar...idk what else.

    There is no "God".

    I mean the idea is great...but it just doesn't seem to be fitting in the Warcraft universe.

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    looks really nice, would love to see them on the alliance side tho, alliances trying to rescue the demons from their faith, helping them defeat their masters and inner opponents.
    or you can make em for both, with some nice difference in the look, lore and mentality.

    but anyway, i love the idea, hoping for more updates. keep up the work

    P.S. love the wings. give them a racial flying, just like the worgen with their racial ground.

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    interesting but unpracticable; the problem about a possible next pair of races is for the alliance one, and those defian are really unfitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by istheshiz View Post
    I like the class icons...

    but aren't the Defiant a faction in Rift?
    Sigh... RIFT doesn't own the name "Defiant", even though they are a faction it doesn't mean that everything named defiant is related to RIFT
    Quote Originally Posted by Tendou
    Also, Kodo is on fire. Bad Taurens! Fire bad for Kodo! Oh look it's dead now....oh well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jadora View Post
    Blizzard, HOW DARE YOU! How dare you spend precious development time making a new, interesting feature and then turn around and try to make money off said development time. I AM ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING YOU EVER MAKE FOR FREE BECAUSE I BOUGHT THAT GAME THAT ONE TIME.
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    I do not like the race, but the mount looks awesome!

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