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    BiS Trinket for disc priest

    Hey guys, I'm using Mandala of stirring pattern and vibrant alchemist stone atm. Just wondering what i should be replacing them with

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    Tyrande's Favorite Doll+DMC: Tsunami/Fall of Mortality. <-These two are basically the same. The DMC being much easier to aquire.

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    Personally I use tsunami and the alchemist stone. I do have the trinket off of cho'gall but I like the vibrant stone. Int is a better throughput stat than spirit is for disc but I haven't done my ressearch to see if fall of mortality's spirit proc > the extra mana I gain from a mana pot with my alchemist stone

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    Tsunami card + Fall of mortality
    Thanks to Shiri for the awesome sig <3

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    I have found that any Int trinket works the best for me. I use the Alchemist stone and the DMC:Tsunami, but have the the Madala as well for certain situations. If I use mandala I make sure to pop my mana return talents when that and power torrent are both proc'd.

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    depends on play style a lot but for bubble spamming (the most popular play style atm) Shard of Woe (heroic Sinestra) and heroic fall of mortality (heroic Cho'gall)
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    DMC: Volcano and heroic Theralion's mirror.

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    Theralion's mirror. proc is crap with smite, i actually spammed dummy for 2mins before I got proc, might been really unlucky but I find the proc really bad as disc.

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