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    What happened to moving Penance?

    I'm not entirely sure, i'm not INTENDING this to be a QQ post, but I had read in the Cata-posts that Penance under a certain talent or ability would be able to be cast while on the move, such like scorch and steady shot when fire specc'd or in aspect of the fox, is this changed, or am I looking over something?

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    I usually follow changes or announces like this on close foot but I haven't ever read something along the lines of what you are suggesting.

    Either way, it hasn't been brought up ever again so I highly doubt it will ever be able to be cast while moving. I also don't see the point in it tbh.

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    It was in one of the first concepts of the larger talent trees in cata alpha. Blizz then decided to prune out the talent trees (for balance and simplicity), and the talent was lost. If I remember correctly, it had a precursor talent similar to that of archangel, a stacking reduced mana cost of penance on a few other spells.

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    I believe it was part of the talent that is now archangel, way back on early alpha
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    Yeah, one of the early Archangel's would let you channel Penance while moving for its duration. A shame they took it out
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