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    I used to rage and complain that I wouldnt play my priest for cataclysm because of the changes they were getting, so i started with a holy pally. I like my priest too much to not play it, so i went back to my priest, disc ofc. I've just collected enough gear to heal 10 mans and i find that Disc is really fun and i am always with or above the other healers in terms of healing done. When healing tanks you have the bubble, then the mechanic with heal, flash heal, GH that lowers the weakened soul so you can get another bubble on tank faster...PoH my not be as strong as it is for holy, but then it also places a mini bubble on people it heals which,for me absorbs ~7k each person it is on. I havent had mana issues really because i have quickly learned not to pass out my PW:S without needing it...I think disc is in a fun state right now and for the 15 sec duration change, i dont think i have seen any of my PW:S last more than 15 secs in a raid so far...too much aoe dmg and tank damage for a shield to last more than 15 secs. :}

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    Also, it seems like you want to be as good as holy at raid healing, OP, but that isnt what disc is anymore. If you want to be the best raid healer a priest can be, then you just have to go holy. Also people claim that blizz doesnt want us using our PW:S often anymore, this is also wrong. From a raid healing POV, yes it may seem like blizz doesnt want you to use your PW:S, but thats just because disc is not raidhealing. As a tank healing POV you use PW:S quite often because, lets use 10 man, you put a bubble on both tank and while using heal, FH, or GH their weakened soul debuff runs off quicker and you throw another PW:S on them. 208% absorb buff, increased mana...that should be a clear enough indicater that its to be used on tanks...
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