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    Notifications for your own posts!

    As you read in the title my suggestion is that you get a notification through for example e-mail when someone replies to your post in particular.

    As it is now you can (apparently) subscribe to a thread which will let you now through e-mail or control panel if there have been in changes, meaning any new post. This might be useful to people who would like to and have the time to follow the whole thread as it evolves, but most people just don't have the time for that.

    What I am proposing is a system that only notifies you when someone directly answers one of your posts? How I think this should work? Well, most of it is already in place on this forum at the minute. Under every post of every poster are the options to 'reply to' and 'quote', my idea is that when players use either of these the poster of the post that was replied to gets a notification.
    Obviously, in this notification there is a link to thread which included your post that was responded to. The page would automatically scroll down to the response so you don't have to go through all the possible pages to find your response. (many forums already have a system like this, if not most?)

    Additionally, is it just me or is it stupidly hard to find threads you posted in previously? I know there is some sort of panel which shows you all the threads you posted in but it's unorganized, sometimes threads I posted two years ago in are on top. There is no structure in it, making it useless.
    I often post in about ~5 threads each day, I simply can't remember in what forum they were or even what the title of the thread was. Maybe because I usually only post in threads that show up in 'recent posts' in the front page, but my point still stands

    I'll create a poll to get a clear view if it's just me or that more people would like something like this implemented.

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    Press "Settings" and you'll se a list of the most recent threads you've posted in. Just sayin.

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    There is the list of recent threads you've posted in which have received new posts, as mentioned above. You're automatically subscribed to threads when you post in them (by default), and then you can remove subscriptions from specific threads on that list. They're just arranged in order of most recent post, regardless of when you posted (but there shouldn't be any older than 9 months or so, because that's about when we switched to this forum software ).

    As far as notification of direct reply, I don't know of any way for us to implement that given the current software we have available, and there are several other things higher on the priority list for now. It's definitely something we've heard requested before, though.

    There are two things I can suggest for now -- one is to keep your subscriptions list pruned (which may or may not be an easy task), and the other is to use the advanced search with your name as a keyword and "show results as posts" -- it should bring up the ones where people quote you.

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