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  • A) I want super hot, but smokes, cusses and farts

    117 20.03%
  • B) I want decent looking, but never smokes, cusses, and gives me back rubs

    467 79.97%
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    What type of girl would you rather have?

    What type of girl would you prefer to date.

    A) One who is super hot, but she smokes, cusses like a sailor and farts all the time, but she has a great super fun personality.


    B) Is decent looking, but has good manners, does not cuss or smoke, and gives you free back rubs, but kinda hard to keep a conversation with.
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    I think every man would pick B).
    Backrubs are the best kind of non-sexual favors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    and gives you free back rubs
    You got me there. But I do smoke myself so if A provided back rubs she would be my choice!

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    I typically have never been attracted to the "super hot" girls. I view them as fake. but basing off of my views on smoking and flatulence (I cuss like a sailor...) I'd go with B.

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    easy to pick

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    Back rubs prevent farting now?

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    Well tbh, I do not consider cussing and farting hot. Your taste may vary.

    There's lots that makes a girl hot, not just the looks.

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    Only thing wrong with that is the smoking; cancer sticks are stupid.

    I'd rather have someone who's honest with me than a subservient sheep.

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    if Super hot means being covered in make up I would pick decent looking.
    fyi, whats wrong with smoking anw?... not saying its good for you but I dont think how that would make any1 a lesser person..regardless, would still pick B cause attitude > looks (especially when they are most likely fake)

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    Anyone who picks A probably hasnt outgrown porn.

    Poor confused little adolescent children, one day B will rescue you!
    "Control your own destiny or someone else will."

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    C) I want a male blood elf

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    Does the back rub include a happy ending? Might tip the scales for some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Back rubs prevent farting now?
    No, just wanting to know which people would prefer, some people dont care about girls farting. For me, i think its disgusting (atleast until you are at a certian point with them, then it doesnt matter)

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    well seeing how I'm not attracted to my own gender, a back rub sounds nice. lol
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    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    a) obviously, much more fun o wait, that's already the case.
    Resistance Is Futile

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    Superbad quote inc!!!!

    Well Jules, the funny thing about my back is that it's located on my cock.

    OT: B deffinatley

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    I would only expect farting as an act of revenge against a previous fart on the male's side. Shit's gross to do around others, regardless of gender.

    Super hot is a bad idea. Super hot is like 9000x more likely to cheat on you because they get more offers.

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    A easy, forget the whole super hot thing, it's about having a girl you cna actually talk with as you get older. Your significant other should be your best friend and that can't happen without good conversation.

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    The Patient
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    I'd go with A if not for the smoking. Cussing and Farting happen I wouldn't want somebody to hold back around me just for politeness sake. I assume super hot means whatever is super hot to you personally as what most people find super hot I do not.

    Really what killed B was not being able to have a conversation with them. Sorry I wouldn't date somebody for back rubs, let alone ones filled with awkward silence and poor conversation.

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    Personality is most important for me, the rest is just a bonus so I would go with A, simply because its even hard to hold a conversation with B

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