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  • A) I want super hot, but smokes, cusses and farts

    117 20.03%
  • B) I want decent looking, but never smokes, cusses, and gives me back rubs

    467 79.97%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Back rubs prevent farting now?
    Good girls don't fart. They hiney puff.
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    Uhm, farting in general is disgusting. You can like go to the bathroom and do your stuff there. B!

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    Why do you guys want a girl that you can't hold a conversation with? And according to the OP, A has a great personality. Just because someone smokes and likes to cuss, at least she is fun to be around assuming you can talk to her like a normal person. Apparently backrubs > looks > personality on here

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    If these are the only two, then B. I'd hate a backrub with no conversation, but I can't stand smoking.

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    Hows about both?
    Quote Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
    "Oh yeah?" said Rhonin. "Well, I've got Reginald Whipplebottom the Fourth, here." As he said this, he brandished his right fist. "And I've got Agamemnon W. Jackson, as well," he said, indicating his left fist. "And they brought their buddy, Peter T. Thickness, the Piston of Devastation." As he said this, he did a pelvic thrust, in case it wasn't clear that he was talking about his penis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Forum Troll View Post
    I think every man would pick B).
    Backrubs are the best kind of non-sexual favors.
    I guess steaks count as sexual favours then

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    smokes what tho? <-

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    Smokes? Its her choice, i dont really care. 18/20 classmates smoke.
    Cusses? Not sure what that means but if it comes from the word "cuss" then its cool, cuz i also do it and imo its normal
    Farts.... Tough one but usually id think that its awesome that shes like that
    Back rubs.... Build a robot if you want a slave.

    So thats why i pick A. but if youd ask descent looking but interesting/nice/awesome or smokin' hot but have nothing to talk about, stupid, just sometimes akward. Id pick the 1st one

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    How well can each cook and clean is the real question?

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    Back rubs for awesomeness

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    Girl B hands down.

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    Just because you curse and fart doesn't mean you have bad manors. I also don't understand why girl A wouldn't be willing to give you a back rub. If she wants to smoke, it's her choice and I wouldn't let it stop me from dating someone. So I went with A because the only thing you've really told me is what they look like.

    If you have to choose between two people and these are the criteria your decision will be based on, I think you're going to be wrong no matter who you pick.
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    ghehehe..we are all IT freaks so we will never get such a girl lolzzz (btw i'm drunk as hell..)
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    both A and B sounds annoying. I really like to have conversations with the girls i date, also i HATE smoking so mutch. Smoking is an abosolute turn off for me.
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    Too specific :P
    I can pretty much talk with anyone, so having someone who's hard to have a convo with would be someone so shy I'd punch her in frustration.

    So aside from her being SUPER SHY I'd go for B.
    Also, I don't mind if she smokes. Rather not, but if she does, no big deal.

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    Everyone farts. Who cares that she cusses? Why am I so bothered by her smoking? Is she cussing me out while blowing smoke in my grandmother's face?
    This poll is severely distorted.

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    A: If she smokes cig's then maybe, if she Smokes WEED then HELL YEAH!!!!!11!!!1
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    Farting is natural and you should be proud if your farts stink like hell!

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    Where's the 'neither' option?

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    I think it should be

    Girl 1) Super Sexy, but a bitch

    Girl 2) Decently pretty, but as sweet as raspberry sorbet.

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