View Poll Results: Which type of Girl, A or B?

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  • A) I want super hot, but smokes, cusses and farts

    117 20.03%
  • B) I want decent looking, but never smokes, cusses, and gives me back rubs

    467 79.97%
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    a deaf and dumb girl

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    I think the question is not properly asked.
    One needs to be honest with oneself.
    The real question is:
    "what kind of girl would have you?"

    As for me, I smoke and cuss ... but I fart rose petals oh ... and I'm a hunter which means I'm incredibly good looking ^^
    Decent girls are boring, you know it.

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    wow...thats a limited option, my girl is pretty much like me or what i want to be as someone needs to do these things, she's lazy, will spend all day playing wow, doesn't cook or clean, etc. and i wouldn't trade her for anyone else ^^ there is more to it then just a few petty things like that.

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    Tbh option A has more negative points than B in my book. I don't want to trade a little less hot girl for a hotter one that smokes (I can't stand the smoke >.<).

    Even then its more the personality that does it for me and not smoking is a big plus to me . (Don't care much about cussing and farting)

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    This is really easy, i think it would be more suitable and it would make you think more if the B option had something "worse" than decent looking in it.

    I personally have no idea what I would do with a hot girl that has no manors, education... And smokes? Fuck me... Well not even that , I can't stand that smell.

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