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    [Bio] Cythan Justwatcher

    Name : Cythan Justwatcher
    Age : 30
    Gender :Male
    Race :Human
    Class : Paladin [Retribution]
    Alignment : Lawful Good
    Languages : Common

    Appearance: Standing 6ft tall, with short cropped hair and only a small amount of stubble. His eyes are blue with streaks of silver. He is quite muscular and training seems to have done nothing but make him stronger. Seen in blue or white mageweave usually and normally gets someone to stitch silver threads through the jacket, His boots are made of blue or white mageweave as well. On the battlefield he is seen in the typical plate armor of a Knight of the silver hand with a large two handed mace given to him on being accepted into the order.

    Personality : Always willing to lend a hand to anyone who is in need of assistance and generally being very friendly leads to Cythan quickly becoming friends with anyone he comes across, always seen with a smile or smirk or some sort of grin he seems to radiate inner light and his power can really only be seen when something unjust is happening. He is like most paladins who strive against evil and never falter when there are scourge to be slain, but there is also another side to him, the side that wishes he could judge those who would cause harm to others. His motto is [rather long XD]

    "Who will protect those who cannot protect themselves, who will defy those that in their blind hatred would shatter this world and rid it of justice, I am the champion who watches those in the darkness feeding off the fears and sadness of the people I love, those kings and queens that would harm their own people for their own ends, I am the light that will drive out this darkness. I AM CYTHAN JUSTWATCHER!"

    Likes : Other Paladins, justice, helping others, the taste of a good ale and hearing good conversation. The feeling of bed after a long hard days work, enchantments, fine cloth and inscribing [He can't do any of those he just likes the final products]. The people of Stormwind.
    Dislikes :Evil [undead, death knights etc], the unjust, uncouth behavior.

    Strengths : Strong, fit, willpower, able to make friends easily, a lot of control over holy light and melee fighting skills.
    Weaknesses : The urge to do the right thing, Range attacks and his merciful nature.

    History : Born in Stormwind, his father was a rather influential businessman and his father was the son of a rather powerful Stonemason who felt differently to the other Stonemasons during the times of the Stormwind riots, He was perfectly willing to wait for the king to reward his family after Stormwind was rebuilt and was forever loyal to the king. The king never got around to properly rewarding Justwatchers family but they have remained in favor of the King whereas some others were outcast the Justwatchers were permitted to stay, After Cythans grandfathers death, his father inherited the business and made a lot of money over the years before he finally closed his business to take care of his son. His wife was a matron at the orphanage in the light district and before he knew it his son was 10 years old fighting and generally playing like most children do. Cythan was different from the other children and he always stuck up for the little guy or whoever he deemed was doing the right thing. This was dangerous although his father drummed his beliefs into his son about the world whenever there was a cold or rainy night in Stormwind in front of the fire and told tales of great heroes always doing the right thing. He was taught never to hate people, never to strike without provocation and never EVER kill those that can be changed for the better.Cythans father never hated orcs nor did he hate any race except for the undead who had murdered Cythans fathers family. Cythan quickly found out he could easily beat most of the others in hand to hand combat and he had found proper friends by the time he was 14, though not the strongest he was their leader and the others generally followed him about licking up every detail in the stories that Cythan told and often acted out, he also was growing in height and he was getting fitter and stronger every day. Eventually he was taught to fight in the Stormwind army but before he could even leave on his first patrol around Elwynn he was asked to report to the Cathedral of light, walking up the steps dressed in his recruits outfit he received several welcomes and kind words. Standing in the doorway of the great cathedral he looked at the table under the stained glass window, a man was standing there beckoning him to hurry over, Cythan jogged over and knelt before the man.


    The man spoke, it was a harsh tone spoken quite quickly, it seemed to demand attention "I am Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, I assume you are the recruit called... *glances down the roster of recruits* Cythan Justwatcher?, my my how you've changed from when you were little, I seem to remember you were quite the vigilante. This is good then, come we have much to discuss"
    Normally Cythan would've asked where he was going as he was sure that his platoon had already left on their mission and he didn't want to be left behind but this seemed to be quite important so he followed the man to a small room with a stone table low to the floor and two stools on one side and two fancy chairs on the other, he gestured to Cythan to take a seat on the stool.

    "You were called here today, because you have potential, more than I have seen in someone for a long time to be honest. We wish to formally invite you to joining the Paladins of Stormwind. Assuming you do the training, you could be a Knight in 2 years maybe 3." Stunned Cythan nodded and when he was dismissed he left the room and took off running, he had to get some books from the Mage Tower and begin training immediately.

    Within the first year he had shown his potential and was being sent to The Argent Dawn for training and for missions. He stayed there for a few years learning from great paladins and learning to fight scourge properly, He quickly became a firm favorite amongst the men as he seemed to make a place so dead and full of anguish settle down, more than once he was found trying to cleanse the earth just beyond the borders of Lights Hope Chapel. He was permitted to stay as long as he wished and was there when the portal was opened to the Burning Legion, he fought the legion and learned of the true nature of Orcs and Trolls and Tauren, he didn't resent them as he seen the alliance doing the same thing as the horde. He realized that given the chance he would let anyone live who did not deserve death. He smote his enemies when there was no choice. One thing he did not have mercy for... was the legion. He wondered how long it would take before this war was over, he was sick of needless destruction and he was nearly always tending to peoples wounds and attempting to heal people when he was not on patrol. At nights he read books on the scourge and how to cleanse it. No way had been found yet but he was certain he could find out how.

    After the threat of the Burning Legion he returned to Stormwind, his father was dead, killed on the outskirts of Stormwind city by defias. Vengeance almost took Cythan there and then, but he remained as calm as he could until after the funeral which many people including the advisor to the king, even if just for a moment. Cythan asked if he could pursue the Defias directly to his superiors but they said no, he was to be sent to Northrend to accompany the Knights of the Silver Hand. Frustrated he took his anger out on his friends when they came to comfort him in an inn. He attacked two of them and they had to be healed immediately. He cursed the defias for causing this, he carried on drinking until he passed out on the inn table, most afraid to touch him in case of retaliation. When he awoke, he realized how wrong he was, he caused the damage to his friends his thirst for vengeance drove him to it, denied and suppressed rage had built in him coupled with the grief of the death of his father and his mother in mourning unable to comfort her almost obliterated who he was but he remembered his fathers advice and took a sworn oath to protect his ideals forming his motto and shouting it out drilling the words into his head.

    Two weeks later he was on a transport ship travelling to the Howling Fjord, his new motto engraved upon his shield and hatred stricken from his heart. When he arrived he was formally accepted into the Argent Dawn and was given the task of defending Valgarde. He performed his duties to the best of his abilities and often excelled himself, he was not going unnoticed, the lich king was always looking for powerful death knights and the Paladins were raided every few hours and sometimes a paladin did fall. Gaining prestige when he saved his entire squad [Only a handful of paladins nothing too fancy] by destroying a party of scourge consisting of five or six Vrykul with a holy blast that consecrated the ground and sent a burst of holy energy out in all directions, almost killing himself but allowing his companions time to change position and get themselves set up for the next assault. He was congratulated but also told of the risks of expelling soo much energy, it often drains and kills the paladin and it generally isn't worth it unless its in the most extreme circumstances [e.g when Tirion breaks out of the frost block and then destroys Frostmourne].

    After recovering he was sent to Icecrown where he would be needed, he was sent to destroy scourge and here he could do it. Everyday was like a new challenge for Cythan, he battled Gargoyles which required precise long range shots to take down, Abominations and ghouls where also present and foul things that the lichs of the Lich King summoned. After the fall of the Lich King he was sent home to Stormwind.

    Return to Stormwind : When Justwatcher returned to Stormwind, he was greeted like a hero something he secretly loved but made no emotion of when asked about it. He was quite wise for his age and was always a neutral party so he was often called on to solve domestic complaints and issues that were not important enough to take any higher but were still important. Many people thought of him as a kind neighbor and being the man of the manor, he spent most of his days waiting to be called upon, after all there were still scourge to kill and he often dreamed of seeing more of the world than just the dark infested places where the scourge lie. He had to admit Northrend was nice if you could avoid being killed. He hired cooks and cleaning staff for his manor and any extra funds he had went to the orphange from his campaigns in Northrend and Outland. He still had a ton of inheritance money should he need it.

    ((I made this character as I need one that can RP with Aramore and other RP's that don't suit my dwarf, I can justify RP'ing with Aramore as even though he is scarlet he holds many ideals my character stands for and may be "persuaded" to join the scarlet. Also being fellow paladins Justwatcher won't allow someone to die to the scourge if he can possibly help it and fighting alongside someone is a great way to get to like someone XD))
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