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    Analyse DPS BH 25

    Last night i done my first BH 25 with my Spriest
    My armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../arvenn/simple - ilvl equipped 352

    I'm thinking if my dps is good for my gear


    1- Pala Ret 19.9k (full 359)
    2- Hunter 19.5k
    3- DK frost 19.0k (full 359)
    4- ME 18.8k
    5- Hunter 18.1k

    I made a mistake at begin of fight, so i probaly could do more 1k or 2k.

    Someone can help me?

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    Seems like you know what your doing, you even said you made a mistake lol.

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    We don't know the fight length, we don't know what buffs/debuffs were available, impossible to give a good estimate.

    Log your fights, then ask for advice, it makes it easier for everyone.

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    Few things just based on armory --- as others have said. Please post logs when asking for advice, it helps a ton! a dps number is pretty arbitrary if we don't know how you got that number

    1 -- you're reforging away from hit and spirit when you aren't capped for bosses yet.

    2 -- You're missing your shoulder enchant! Get that therazane rep up!

    3 -- Some enchants are lower grade, but imo the gear isn't good enough to make the expensive ones worth it. Only major one i'd change is +15 to stats over +40 spirit

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    whether the lock DI'd you is a big clue as to whether this is good too :P

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