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    Healing PvP set vs. Shadow PvP

    I'm just leveling up my priest and am planning to roll spriest/frost mage for two's but disc+two others for three's. I'm wondering, looking at the stats on the healing pvp set and the four piece bonus, if it would be better to get just that set so I can use it for both my shadow spec and my healing spec. On the other hand I'm also wondering if just going double two piece bonus would be better for more resiliance. Opinions/suggestions?

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    mooncloth is better!!!!!!!! hand of freedom : )

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    I'm a shadowpriest, and I endorse the notion of 4 piece mooncloth. Currently using 3p/2p shadow while transitioning - but I eagerly anticipate having something resembling a mobility helper to be able to not get trained down by melee.

    It's a sad state of affair that mooncloth not only wins, hands down, on bonus for spriests, but in some cases (read: gloves) are also better stat-optimized for shadow. Sad indeed.

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    Okay. Thanks for the replies. That's what I thought when I saw the bonuses but I wasn't sure if my opinion was right cause I don't have any experiance playing spriest in arena.

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    plus you wont need to buy any hit gear if you get mooncloth stuff... you ll find yourself almost hard capped for pvp if you play shadow with it

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    4 piece mooncloth is the only way to go.
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