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    Smile A Gaming Glove

    So i just happened to stumble upon this piece of equipment randomly browsing youtube.
    Dunno if i have enough posts yet to post the link but here it is:

    I personally find this very interesting and would most certainly try it out if i had the chance. Even tho it might seem kinda crippled movement wise i can really see some potential in this glove.
    What do you guys think?

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    This, quite possibly, looks even more gimmicky than Kinect. I doubt I can put my thumb to my pinky faster and with more accuracy than I can press shift + random key situated close to my movement keys. I really don't think I'm ever gonna need anything more than qwert12345asdfgzxcv + modifiers.

    He says they're for hotkey-heavy games but I have the exact same amount of usable keys close to my movement keys as the power glove has pads. My keyboard also has the same amount of modifiers (thumb tip, thumb, palm vs. ctrl, alt, shift.)
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    Nothing can ever replace the powerglove.

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    half the fun is keyboard + mouse or controller for me.

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    arguably this glove isn't suitable for wow but nevertheless i still think it would be a very fun alternative, and i definitely think its a viable alternative for other games requiering less keybinds and where movement is done by mouse, such as Dota/LoL/Hon.

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    Sorry, but no matter how good your hand eye coordination is your still going to get tactical placement issues on those bind pads. Fact of the matter is. your removing one hand in order to replace it with a keyboard that isn't there. If you want something like that I recommend the Belkin Nostromo series controllers tons more accurate.

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    Reminds me of

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    If only it were THAT intuitive. It might actually be worth it Kuja.

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    What id like to see is a glove that turns any nontouch screen platform into a Touchscreen. That would be something

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    I admit, it does look cool in that video. However after a while, wouldn't you be tired of holding your hand in the air, touching your fingertips.

    How would you comfortably be able to rest your arms on your arm chair while moving your hands around. My guess is after a while of playing the hand would start to cramp, how long can someone seriously move their hand in the air touching the palm of the air before it becomes tiresome.

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    Yeah...i wouldn't remember all the binded keys on the glove ;p

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    I'd rather a machine that surrounds my hand, and works like a mouse, with the clickers inside it
    Shove hand in
    it constricts to fit your hand
    moves like a mouse
    clicks like a mouse
    Basically a mouse, but cooler, also, it must have tron -esque lights.
    OT: Nah, don't really think this would work TOO well, judging from the pro gamer in the video, hes getting paid big time to do this

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    I dunno about this, I can't imagine going into like a cafe place and see some kids on a computer just like tapping their hands all over the place while staring at a computer screen.

    Okay, I can imagine it. It'd look REALLY weird.

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