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    Cenarion Circle Rep - Post-Cata...?

    So lately i've been trying to get some old world reps to exalted. Timbermaw Hold and Argent Dawn were cake, and now im on Cenarion Circle. From my own digging around i've only been able to find some quests in various zones that give about 600 rep each.

    My question is how do we get exalted with cenarion circle after the shattering? keep searching for random quests? or run aq20? why is this rep grind so much more difficult than other old-world reps, in the post-cata world.

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    Murder the cultists in Silithus.

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    Back in Vanilla there were many ways to get CC rep, mostly was the constant AQ20 runs. I got my alt exalted during wotlk just by farming the areas around silithus and using the gear to summon the elites.
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    grind encrypted twilight texts from the mobs in silithus and turn them in in cenarion hold, also wowhead has signs of a revamp of silithus coming in 4.1 or later

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    Yea id say kill cultists, other than that I am not sure since I completed it before cata not being sure what would happen.

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    now its been awhi;e since i done loremaster after shattering, but there is a quest hub in central desolace, at the place with trees, that i believe is cenarion circle based, and there are a fair few qs there. you can still rind mobs in silithus also

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    kill cultists-get texts-give texts-get crystals from elites-turn crystals for big crystal-kill big elite
    That was when I did it. Or something like that it was quite a long time ago.

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    A quick run of AQ 20, at 85, takes less then an hour, and awards, what was it, 200 rep per boss, 20 rep per mob? Beware of Ooze and beetles.

    Otherwise, you farm rep from Twilight Cultists. you get about 500ish rep per base. Fly from base to base. you clear out a base per 5 mins or something like that. Only problem is that you share the mobs. Turn in the twilight papers, 10 for turnin, stack in 100 or something

    Oh, i think you get 1000 rep per AQ 40 boss. If you can do them, do them. That is all.

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    You could try doing AQ40 with some people. Each boss drops a quest item that can be turned in for 500 rep with both Cenarion Circle and Brood of Nozdormu (NPC is at the start after first boss) also each boss rewards reputation when killed, but not sure to who

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    Murder the cultists in Silithus.
    Get 10 of the twilight papers, hand in for 500 rep, get their clothes, summon bosses, kill the bosses, hand 3 of the items they drop for 1K Rep, re peat for infinite rep, also there are 4 levels of bosses until one that drops 100Gold and epixx.... but you will be exalted if you keep doing this until you are able to summon him
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    If you are not going for brood turn in insigina from aq 40. one run you get 9 iirc and each gives 600rep.

    If you want to save for brood texts are way to go. if you play on full realm you can get em from AH.

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    Unfortunately a number of people have replied, not realizing that the only repeatable quest in the zone is the 10 Twilight Texts. All the other repeatable quests were removed with Cataclysm. No longer do you get rep for putting on Twilight gear and summoning bosses etc. This whole portion of Silithus was removed...its good to hear that they may be doing something with future patches.

    Yes I have all the patterns on two toons...ran into this problem while I levelled a leatherworker recently.

    All the patterns are with the appropriate vendor (eg. Leatherworker and Tailor) just a little tougher than in the past to grind the rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    You could try doing AQ40 with some people. Each boss drops a quest item that can be turned in for 500 rep with both Cenarion Circle and Brood of Nozdormu (NPC is at the start after first boss) also each boss rewards reputation when killed, but not sure to who
    This.As you're becoming exalted with old world factions, just go to AQ40 and hit two birds with one stone because even by only running AQ40, you will become exalted with CC faster than with Brood of Nozdormu (the AQ40 faction). It's free reputation.

    Edit: Make sure you don't turn in any Qiraji Lord's Insignia until you've hit Neutral with Brood of Nozdormu. AQ40 will give you reputation with them by killing bosses and so on, but only up until you hit neutral. Turning in any insigna before neutral with the Brood is just a waste of insignias.
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    Also slightly off-topic but what about Argent dawn? Can you still do Strath runs and turn in fragments and stuff like that? Cause im like 2k from exalted with them and never really bothered to farm the rest. Now besides raiding I need something to do to occupy me, and getting exalted with AD was first on my list.

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    Biggest suggestion is run UD side of Strat and may the RNG bless you with a new mount

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