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    Switching PvP Spec to Disc - Could Use Some Advice

    Hey all, I really love my priest and he's my main but I've been having a lot of trouble with Arena's since I've been using the spec I'm most comfortable with (holy) so I want to switch my secondary spec to disc so I can actually feel effective in arena's. I already have a bunch of PvP gear that I was using for holy so gear shouldn't be a huge deal.

    I got a spec picked out and glyphs but I'm terrible at disc so I was looking for a couple quick pointers to help me get in the right direction before I actually step into arena's.

    obviously penance is important but should I keep it on cooldown? any other important spells I need to worry about?

    cooldown management seems pretty important, I'm assuming i need to be fairly liberal with my cooldowns.

    any advice would be appreciated

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    Keep shields flowing on cooldown for the most part, binding heal will become your new best friend along with flash heal, penance on whoever is getting hit the hardest (to keep grace stacked), greater heals in conjunction with inner focus (otherwise you'll likely get interrupted), renews help too.

    And in the words of Athene..."Schwff, Around the Corner!"

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    Use inner focus when you really need to heal.
    Use pw:b when you're sure the target will stay inside of it and call out if its yours.
    Inner focus in combination with PI is pretty good.
    I don't really greater heal anymore, unless im standing on the other side of the arena without having to worry about interrupts.
    Pain surpression can be used doing many cc abilities, thus preventing the need to trinket.
    Remember that every flash heal reduces the time on weakened soul. Shields are still your best friend, keep using em.
    Try to stay in inner will when you're not in danger of being attacked.
    Renew is still good as disc because it's instant and the same with pom especially if u can get it to jump with dots.

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    you also got nice offensive abilities : Mana burn and Dispel

    if the fight turn out to be a mana war , u'll most likely go oom before the other healer (unless he's a priest too) so don t be afraid to be a bit offensive.
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