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    %hp Damage Abilities for Non-Current Encounters

    I was reading the forums a small while ago, when I saw a post asking why somebodies 85 might have trouble with KT, which made me think of this:

    For anybody trying to run old content, either to see the sites or farm some gold, nothing is worse than the dreaded %hp damage ability. For classes without self heals or a way to remove the effect, it effectively makes the boss unkillable, and if it's an ability like KT's Frigid Blast or Anub'arak's Leeching Swarm, it requires either a full raid group or is almost impossible at 85 because of the changes to healing. Personally, I think abilities like these should be converted into a similarly functioning ability that deals flat amounts of damage or healing that would be approximatly the same amount of damage as it would have done to players in the expected gear to enter those raids.

    Now, obviously these arn't the Blizzard forums where suggestions and feedback would possibly get attention from somebody able to affect these changes, and thats for one simple reason; I want your personal opinion on the matter.

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    I don't think blizzard should worry to much about old encounters. The locust swarm damage can be healed through very easely, and Frigid blast requires someone to be healed for slightly over 5% of their health. this should not cause a problem unless you're 2 manning with dps or something crazy like that.

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    You mean tune old content for current level?

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    The game isn't balanced around your ability to solo old content. They won't do this simply because there is literally no reason to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuravolpe View Post
    The game isn't balanced around your ability to solo old content. They won't do this simply because there is literally no reason to.
    I figured this would be the biggest argument against any changes. The only reason I could think of for Blizzard actually throwing their support behind a change would be to have people see old content.

    As for KT, tried him with 3 people. Me as spriest, Holy Pally, and Ret Pally. I would off heal when the Holy Pally got blocked. Both of us went oom pretty quickly, especially with having to use the quick heals a couple times to survive the ice tombs (though it deals 104% hp in damage, theres usually gonna be a small bit missing, thus a double flash heal to pull through it and then topping off afterwards) We would get as far as when he summoned his adds in phase 3 and their damage would tip the scales against us. Having us both heal resulted in a berserk.

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