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    Some kid tries to act all strong because he has "friends" backing him up. He didnt expect the big dude to snap. I doubt that kid would try that if he didnt have anyone around. ( sounds like horde way of doing things, that kid must be an undead rogue!!!)

    I was curious what that guy in the end was gonna do.
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    i saw the whole vid the black guy in the end gets shoo'd away buy a girl the victim who powered slam the skinny dude ( casey ) leaves and the skinny guy leaves with a broken shin and something else i don't remeber

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    To be honest i back the big kid 100% - clearly the school had been informed and this had gone on for a while, 3 years of bullshit like that and all he did was slam the lil prick? The guy got punched in the FACE, the guy might be 4 years younger but newsflash, you pick a fight with a pissed off dog and it will eventually bite your ass, wouldn't surprise me if a few colleges were lining him up for a wrestling scholarship now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arganis View Post
    Ya that girl totally intervened, just sitting there and watching while the violence went on, only to waltz in at the end to tell the other kid: "Let it go or he's going to do that to you" then getting out of his way and walking away, even though he's obviously chosing to chase after the fat kid for revenge. That's totally what I call intervention alright, girl should be slammed along with the punk.

    Nothing worse then people who have a wonderful self image based on all talk, when their actions show they're really just as morally bankrupt (if not more so) as the people they look down on.
    ^stupid. Yes that girl deserves to get slammed because she was the only one to finally intervene when she was the last one to show up. I love your logic and sensitivity towards girls

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    There is already a thread about this open here


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