View Poll Results: Most Difficult Game Genre?

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  • FPS

    13 14.94%
  • Action

    4 4.60%
  • Turn-based Strategy

    5 5.75%
  • RTS

    55 63.22%

    10 11.49%
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    RTS games for sure...Ive played and owned so many..but the Total war series still manages to kick my ass

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    I would say RTS simply because they have STRATEGY in their name but competetive RPG's (i.e. WoW and ONLY WoW) probably require the most skill and coordination.

    The fact that there's so many different compositions and just about every single talent specialization represented in the top 100 arena teams should be an indicator of how skill >>>>>>>>> composition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pickley View Post
    Top down shooter, and id agree. Shit got real.
    Real is an understatement. And thanks for the category.

    Now we just need the category in the poll

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    algebra based puzzle games, may their makers die alone.

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