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    Which would you choose?

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    Deff number A. She can talk to me at least.

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    A for sure. Being able to talk to her is a must

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    If I was a more hardcore Lovecraft fan, I'd definitely hit B, but I'm sane, therefore A. It's nice to have company, someone you can talk to and teach things, and oral sex is always an option, because we all know what factor of the choice that picture implies.
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    This thread is going places

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    so the reason behind this i'd assume is you'd want to populate the uninhabited island with mutant fish babies? i'll stick with A and make her go out to swim for help while i work on a tan for real ladies :P

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    A, of course.

    1: better to look at.
    2: boobs
    3: conversation
    4: oral
    5: boobs

    Yes I get the implication of B, but really, the giant fish-eye is just too much and wouldn't make it very good.

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    A. for sure. It´s already been stated but .. Yeah, someone to talk to.

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