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    When I ride the bus, which is rather annoying.
    Must be a combination between super relaxation and vibrating seats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hethalion View Post
    I feel peaceful and happy when thinking about sudden death.
    Same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hethalion View Post
    I feel peaceful and happy when thinking about sudden death. Also I enjoy storms and small quakes, thinking they are rather cozy.
    Your sig, hot diggity daffodil.

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    snorting cocaine as a plane takes off is pretty up there for `man i am a fucking god look at my peen` kind of moments but i would have to say sound, vocal or instrumental sometimes music can just take you away
    LOL, look at this angry kid go. Sounds like someone is bleeding from the vagina today. I don't know what I said to piss you off like this, kid, but I do know you must have TONS of friends and a healthy social life with that personality!-(Sindershock)
    The hardcore players are happy with the difficulty (with the exception of Buzzkill, who seems to enjoy complaining)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hethalion View Post
    I also tend to get relaxed/fall asleep/get goosebumps when people whisper, paint/draw/write on paper when it's quite or simply make careful sounds... wuuuuuuuuuuuuush >.<
    These are pretty much all the sounds that occur during a boring class.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moshy
    I sometimes hold down my vent talk button when talking to people in real life.
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    Driving my GSXR on a long open road over 250khm gets my heart pounding and gives that Arousal your talking about.

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    I'm not going to lie.. playing high rated competitive (arena)games at a top level.. the intense feeling of if you fuck up you're done.. and playing almost perfectly, with flawless communication between you and your team.. after games like that I get a hardon..

    also talking to some people, just simply talking to them makes me need new pants

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    Not sure if this is what you meant but I often get an erection when I ride the bus to the university in the morning. /:
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    Intense thunder storms and take off in an air plane.
    I'm going to do some real damage!

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    omg so many SICK people in this thread WTF srsly

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    Quote Originally Posted by narutoboi97 View Post
    omg so many SICK people in this thread WTF srsly
    I'm sure you're just as 'normal' as us in some way or another. :P
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    Mostly harmless
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    Pouring water down my back on a hot day.

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    Pouring hot chocolate sauce all over me while watching a cat drowning
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    Pouring blood from my brain when reading this thread. x_x

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    Also, this song...

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    Tattoos and peircings, getting them done, not looking at them. No greater feeling in the world.

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    I get goosebumps and such when I listen to really good music live :3

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    Certain vocals to music, i.e. Deline Bass.

    youtube .com /watch?v=14U_mS2IP0w&feature=related

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    Drum and bass with RIDICULOUS amounts of bass. I want to get an even bigger subwoofer so that I can rumble the whole neighborhood. *drool*

    Also, I have NO idea why horror-related stuff excites me so damn much. Like, one night walking to work at 2 AM, the power went out and it was pretty foggy. There was NO signs of life at all. Instead of getting super paranoid and scared, I got all excited. Too bad that only lasted for about an hour.

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