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    Play Metal Gear Solid 4. It will answer all your questions.

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    Everyone wants some and war is the only way to get some right now.

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    this is simply the U.N. taking measures to keep one of their own member countries in line.

    while the U.N. is generally slow and undeceive in its action, one of the things they take very seriously amongst member countires is attack your own citizens. Ghadafi said he was going to bomb his own people, so the U.N. is stepping in to keep his crazy ass in line.
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    If memory serves me right, a fox is a female wolf.

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    There isn't going to be anything remotely close to a World War in regards to Libya. Gaddafi only cares about Libya and he is currently kicking the rebels' asses. If and probably when he does finally finish them off either through violence or a cease fire, he will return his country back to what it was before the mess started. The democratic countries of the world won't do anything because honestly, they don't give a crap about Libya of all places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siron View Post
    I heard something about if europe will do something more to Libya it wont only attack a country but also the muslims and maybe start a war against the muslims.... So yeah XXI century and were still going with the religion wars....
    just lol, post a source to this. but tbh it just sounds like bull ****

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    In reality, any war could potentially spiral into a world war. It's simply a matter of pissing enough people off and getting all your allies involved. A third world war isn't out of the question, just unlikely. It sparking from the Libya conflict is no more or less far fetched then from the Iraq war. A world war is more of a snowball effect and simply needs the right push.

    I do think, if there was another World War, it would certainly be catastrophic to the planet and the people due to our current technology and weapons.
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

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    Kadafi at this photo look like old and crazy clown

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    I'm not sure one can have a "small world war".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennsson View Post
    Religion is the root to all evil in the world.
    The USSR was run by atheists. They ran concentration camps slaughtering their own people who were political prisoners. Stalin even slaughtered his own Bolsheviks and everyone who was in the original Politburo, except himself. I think its safe to say that a world without religion has plenty of evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennsson View Post
    Religion is the root to all evil in the world.
    Says the guy who believes in a "War on Terror"
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    "Heroism sounds like an old lady picking flowers
    Bloodlust sounds like Freddy Krueger dualwielding Gnomes."
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    Phantasmagorical novelization, oh great one. Art thou enraged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Personally, I'm not sure another 'World War' is truly possible. The World Wars were what they were because of trench warfare and the lack of extreme long-distance weaponry. In my opinion, I believe a World War in this day and age would be over before it ever had a chance to begin.

    It takes more than multiple countries involved to call something a World War... it takes a global conflagration of truly unimaginable scale and destruction.
    I honestly hadn't considered this. I was focusing on what lead up to the previous world wars and how this could be applied this time, but Herecius is completely right; it was the tactics of the time (especially WW1) that allowed a war to drag on for such a long time and therefore drag most of the world into it.

    The likelihood of a world war is, in my opinion, low. Masses of civil wars? I think thats more likely, although thats an entirely different conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zevolt View Post

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    In my opinion, it's doubtful that there will be another World War if people play it smart. The weapons currently are too powerful to just wipe out the oposing army, so if they would have a World War, they would kill too much innocent people, mabye even some of their own.

    Even if there will be a World War, it will be over as soon as it starts, and I hope that there won't be another World War.

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    LoL. Obama is telling Gaddafi "cease-fire or else.." Or else what? What is Obama going to do? I can't wait till that moron is out of office. Not even his own cabinet trusts him anymore.

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    NO...the planes are only there to stop them firing on the lybian ppl that gadafi dislikes...and even the comfirmation has made him offer a cease fire to talk, something he wasnt willing to do before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nycrolieben View Post
    Says the guy who believes in a "War on Terror"
    Isnt there a terror war going on? Its always something about someone that blew themself up in a market, or a school. There is alot of ppl fighting it, and its in a big scale aint that a war agains terrorism ? Terrorism is the most stupid thing someone ever came up whit srsly, killing yourself, maybe some of your own ppl, for what reason ? Cos your mainiac leader told you soo ? Its the height of retardism =P

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    Ted talk by the head of al jazeera on the current situation in the arab world

    As a democratic revolution led by tech-empowered young people sweeps the Arab world, Wadah Khanfar, the head of Al Jazeera, shares a profoundly optimistic view of what's happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and beyond -- at this powerful moment when people realized they could step out of their houses and ask for change.

    The reason the western world is not eager to help out in Lybia is because of the disaster that was the Iraq war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aíoh View Post
    Hello, I was just watching the news, where they were talking about the planes being set into Libya.
    then the list of "World Wars is as fallows"

    World War 1
    16+ nation involved

    World War 2
    27+ nations involved

    Korean War
    84+ nations involved

    Vietnam War
    16+ nations involved

    Gulf War
    28+ nations involved

    Afghanistan 2002-current
    48+ nations involved

    Iraq War
    44+ nations involved

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennsson View Post
    Religion is the root to all evil in the world.
    Honestly, I think thats what it boils down to. More wars have been started in the name of god then anything else (aside from land).

    Ignore my comment. I didn't read the whole thread, cause I'm dumb.
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    Divine Shield.. Never really stood the hole point of the "oh look at me im in a shiny bubble" I mean come on what does that shit even do?! Pointless waist of mana imo.

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    germany would not be involved, so no WW :P

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