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    Shadow word Pain. Shadow priest

    i thought i read somewhere that as a shadowrpiest when you initially cast shadow word pain its gets the dps increase from your stats/buffs and when it refresh's from mindflay it does not reset this.

    IE: if i have a 1950+ int up from volcano card proc ( might not be the exact buff but i dont remember) and i cast shadow word pain then its dps is increased as if i had 1950 more int on my character but if that buff falls off and my mindflay refresh's it when it does will it lose that dps increase? or will it keep it until i manually recast it?

    please dont reply if ur just guessing i want to knw for sure. anye one got any craft on this?

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    Unlike in WotLK SW:P now updates every time it is refreshed via Mind Flay (up or down).

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    Wrathchilde is right. Mind Flay will update SW:Pain damage if you get ES up as an example. But not the other dots, you have to remember to recast them to get the increased damage.

    Fact. No craft.

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