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    No, I wouldn't, and do you want to know why? Probably not, but I'll throw it at you anyway.
    I've already won the Ashes of Al'ar, against 14-16 other people. Don't believe me? Check
    out my achivements on the Armory.
    Proud Paladin Chef Evalet of the Alliance on Emerald Dream (EU)
    PS: when I first used my Al'ar, my FPS dropped like Clark Kent kissing a piece og kryptonite.

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    I wouldn't ninja it, even if the loot was set to Master Looter. I've seen rare mounts (Rivendare's Deathcharger, Ashes, Grand War Mammoths) and passed them onto the person who rolled highest. It's a great mount but I'll get it eventually. If not, I've got other cool mounts I've earned solo.

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    Nope - would be lovely to have it but just no.

    And anyway, you can solo/2/3/4 man it quite easily these days... take your friends, the same ones, and work at it every week.

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    If I were the raid leader? No, I've seen someone do it and get banned for it (and they took ashes away).

    If I were random joe raid member and FFA looting were on? Hell yes

    But then again, I dont really care for Ashes anymore after farming it for so long...
    Zhenji 90 Mistweaver
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    This thread still going? Oh jeez..

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    Yes I would

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgummage View Post
    I would not ninja any rare mount.
    I had Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth ninjad from me twice... (yes it dropped twice, and I won the roll twice). Yet still the two times it dropped and I was master looter I didn't ninja it, because that would make me as much of an asshat as those who stole it from me.
    Ninja looting isn't worth it for pixels which will still be there to try for again next week. I'd much rather be known as a good player that people want to roll with again, than "enjoy" my shiny new pixels on my own because no one wants to group or raid with me again.
    You were masterlooter and won the roll twice but got ninja'd? how did you pull off that number?

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    Definetly, so long as it doesn't result in me getting banned. I absolutely love that mount, and a few sadfaces is hardly anything to deter me.

    Although, if there was a risk of getting banned, I wouldn't gamble it.

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    The Patient
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    Don't have to ninja, got it after my 6th run, rolled same as an officer but won due to H being before V in the alphabet

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    nah, i got the Dark Phoenix ... no need for it
    I don't always hunt things, But when I do, It's because their things & I'm a Bear.

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    No - Because stealing from anyone, no matter if it's from your neighbour in real life, your brother, or a random person you have never met before, and probably never will see again, over a collection of pixels, is bad character.


    Besides... the drop rate has been increased to 3%. it's not that rare anymore.
    Thoaee, Guardian of Cenarius, Proud member of <Rising Sun> Twisting Nether - EU

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    You'll only get banned if you or the ML specifically say the loot rules before you kill the boss, otherwise it's fair game

    Quote Originally Posted by Thoaee View Post


    Besides... the drop rate has been increased to 3%. it's not that rare anymore.
    2% less rare!
    Zhenji 90 Mistweaver
    Eonar US

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    Why would I ninja it, when I won it on my first run there ?:>(sorry, it had to be done).
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    No. I'm a mount collector and the mount is badass but it's just a game. Those saying they would are internet tough guys. They only do douchebag things on the interent because they can't come close to doing it in real life. Sad humanity we're faced with today.

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    in the blink of an eye!

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    I would ninja it to myself when I solo it.

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    Nope, because I already have it.

    Won it on a free roll too, rolled a 94 if I remember right.

    Quote Originally Posted by wilzax View Post
    You were masterlooter and won the roll twice but got ninja'd? how did you pull off that number?
    I think what he's saying is that he saw it twice and lost it when he wasn't the master looter, and he saw it another two times when he was.

    I've lost that same mount about 7-8 times between all my alts, but none of them were a ninja, just fail rolls.
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    prolly not... but some things are unthinkable
    Resistance Is Futile

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    Yeah and sell it!! trololololo

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