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    How mad did you get when you filled out those pop-up ads saying you've won

    and found out that it offers more offers and you cant get anything untiil you spend money on stuff lol

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    even though i never click on that kinda crap, i can say I dont get mad, basically more annoyed with them
    I'm not online, it's just your imagination

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    I think most people kinda.. close those pop-up ads as soon as they can.

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    I don't as i'm not a complete moron to believe 'em

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    I generally dont get mad since I dont click on any of that crap. But then again I'm not a tool
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    What are you talking about?
    This is AMERICA you and I live in. We would have people lining up by the thousands to go on missions to conquer this new nation of worm monsters.

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    I never believed those.

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    i close out of them to but the first time i didnt and it made me kinda mad lol

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    I think I clicked on one of those in 1997, and I had to restart my computer because there were too many windows opening.

    So that was more of a 1-time lesson. I was more curious as to how the internets worked at that point, and absorbing information and facts about what crap looks like and what normal, clickable stuff looks like. Middle school was an experience. :P

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    I can't recall ever having a pop-up for years. =\

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    "Click on the bouncing cat and win an iPad!"

    People fall for this shit?

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    No they must mean those websites that are unviewable until u answer 10 surveys. Not actual popups.

    EDIT: Cuz no one's actually....fallen...for those right?
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    Well played op, well played!
    OT: I've never clicked those adds, perhaps when I was seven or eight, then I realized what they do and never did so again!

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    I haven't had a pop up in years..

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    I'm really lucky, I'm the 1,000,000th visitor on just about every site I go on!

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    Think about how mad everybody is at people that make that profitable.

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    Never click them, but the free antivira program Avira Antivir, which I use, got this popup every 2 hours. Before, when I was healing it popper in frnt of everything, I accidentially clicked it, following the link to the website. But, it couldnt, it was blocked, more error messages popping up in front of wow, "tab - healing, *popup*, tab - healing" repeat. It eventually opened IE that wanted to get permission to follow to the link to the website. It was all very annoying, and the fact I use Firefox, not IE, and it sudenly popped. Imagine what unfriendly popups could auto do..

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    I did click on something like that once. It was on a legit website so I figured it might actually be true. So I clicked on it, got to answer a bunch of questions and then was informed I have to purchase one product out of n to get this one for free. So yea.
    Just to clarify, it wasn't a pop-up, just an ad on the webpage.
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    Pop-ups? Advertisements? Didn't see any for a long time. AdBlock+NoScript solve such kind of problems.
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    Most internet veterans have this mental blockade where anything irregular on the intended destination is instantly closed via whatever means necessary and nothing is believed/looked at.

    Get that skill up, It is useful.

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