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    And whoever that guy is that made world of roguecraft, can't remember his name.

    EDIT: how could I have forgotten Vurtne and Grim? >.<

    Funny thing to point out, almost everyone knows Swifty, either hating on him or listing him. So wouldn't that make him the most famous?
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    im pretty much the only one you need to know about

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    Zalgranis had some amazing vanilla pvp videos
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    I play horde.

    I smash my keyboard repetitively while yelling "MAKIN SHIT HAPPEN" over and over at the top of my lungs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
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    If we do win, he can rub anything he wants in my face.

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    Kamil, one of the few paladins in vanilla to actually make it a worthwhile class to play.
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    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtreeze View Post
    For how long did he get banned?
    Reckful wasn't banned, l2tich.

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    theres no rating requirement for shoulders only t2 weapon and hes at 2271 now

    You're delicious.
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    No. After the Cataclysm there will be an expansion for the zerg, and then an expansion for the protoss.

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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Mute (: Is the rogue in Word Of Roguecraft

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    Videos I have really enjoyed were

    Vanilla - Laintime, Rifleluvr, Pat

    BC - Neilyo, Megatf (I mean we play naked is such a lol vid), Buddhist & Mahiko vids, Rifleluvr

    Wrath - annnnnd cutt. By this point all vids became the same. Imo arena overall became less fun after BC. - Actually i enjoyed Gforces movies especially s5 when wars werent amazing at pvp like they are normally.

    Cata - see Wrath.
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    and Swifty

    Oh, almost forgot, Xmo.

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    Mute. (The world of roguecraft rogue) Well the lock in the vids is the one claiming to be playing if I remember correctly so...

    Vurtne. He is entertaining to watch, also gives of the "Different feeling"

    Unbreakable. I know just cutscenes but man those crits back in vanilla, nothing to joke about

    Drakedog. Total dominance anyone?

    Orangemarmelade. I think he has done one thing most people barley could dream about...
    Have to agree its a tad to much of a fanboy vid but when I saw this (the whole fight) the first time I fell in love

    Numberone: The priest Orangemarmelade plays with. An excelent player!

    Then there was this rogue with bloodfang whom I really adored back in the days. Can't remember the name though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnpaw View Post
    There is a difference in recklessness now and when pat made his movie.
    Offcourse Swifty uses recklessness in almost all his clips, its a 5min CD.
    When pat made his movie it was a 30min CD, 100% crit chance on everything for the entire duration.

    Swifty's movies are great because they are both informative and fun to watch.
    Stop being jealious of Swifty, if he was bad and only got carried by his insanely skilled teammates then why would those guys wanna play with him? Why would they play with someone who is bad? They wouldn't.
    Your arguments are hilariously flawed, Like I said, it's 'fun to watch' for players who have no clue about pvp, but to anyone who knows what's going on, it's depressing to watch due to the lack of skill/ego he has.
    maybe they played with him like i said because: A) He paid them. or B) They wanted 'fame'.
    And yeah, i'm jealous of him. I wish I got paid a metric fuckton and free peripherals for acting like a complete douchebag on youtube.
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    i n terms of entertainment i have to go with akrios.... hes good and the eviscerate was amazing. and i always found gforce videos quiet entertaining. Reckful is famous just for being a beast and one of the best players ever.

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    As you said, swifty. But I like Sacredheals a lot as well. His commentaries are pretty entertaining and informative. Also, check out Zybak for feral kitty stuff.

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    TYVM now I played a fucking metal song with full volume while another dude was presenting.

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    just a few off the top of my head

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    My issue with Swifty, is someone who's known for PvP and supposedly "good" at it, even the seasons when warriors were vastly over powered for much of BC (he's played every season), Swifty has yet to get a gladiator title.

    Every other BC and Vanilla PVP hero has at least accomplished that feat, he's just a good entertainer.

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