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    [Awesome/lol/ROFL/Epic/Hahahaheha/Legendary - Quotes!]

    The title speaks for itself. I want you to post your BEST and FUNNIEST quotes that you've ever heard/read/seen etc.

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    "Even Mickey Mouse said it to me, that is so unprofessional. *Mickey Mouse voice* I'm Rick James, bitch, hawhawhaw! Caught that bitch with an uppercut, took his head clean off. All the kids were screaming, 'Oh my god, Mickey Mouse is Mexican!'" -Dave Chappelle

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    Marley Matlin (I could have her name spelled wrong - she's the deaf actress): "I would vote her off because she's a diva and people have told me she's legendary in the music industry..."

    Donald Trump: "Wait what?? Somebody TOLD you she's a legend?? You didn't already know this????"

    Marley: "I'm deaf"

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    Btw guys, POST PICS ASWELL!

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    "It's a 106 miles to chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses"
    "Hit it"
    *Car goes off like a rocket*

    Blues brothers movie.
    I will always remember this one, the scenes following this one were just epic.
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