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    Things to do aside from WoW

    I, amongst many others, have shortened down the playtime on wow, due to not finding so much to do anymore.
    I've gotten most of the cool mounts (got 90ish) , collected almost all tiersets, around 30 exalted reputations and about 20 titles, so the only thing i enjoy doing is currently to raid.

    My guild unfortunately only raids twice a week, and then its just 3-5 hours, so I've ended up with a lot of spare time.

    To deal with the spare time, I've come here, to ask if anyone here has done anything cool, or currently doing something worth taking a look at.
    This could be anything; like building stuff, or making things on the computer, or other games?
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    building stuff

    or making things on the computer

    other games
    Well we don't know your personal preferences

    You can always try to learn an instrument or something like that

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    It sounds like you got the time for more raiding, if that's the case I advice you to find yourself a new guild that raids abit more.

    If you haven't tried StarCraft 2 yet, go do it. It keeps me entertained when I'm not playing WoW.
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