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    A bit silly. Unless deleting your toons was like a ritual burning. Otherwise you threw away easy money your quitting couldve made, by simply selling your account.

    Regardless, I respect the post. Enough people got lost in the game. I'm 34 now so I've always been able to put wow in perspective. But I still played too much sometimes, over the years. Still well worth it though. As a dedicated gamer that loves rpgs I'm glad to have been a part of the wow phenomenon.

    I still play btw.
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    1. Yes, i would buy it again
    2. I have no idea when i should stop playing
    3. Meh... Fun as long as it lasted

    I dont really see myself as a wow addict, Its just a game i like to play
    Quote Originally Posted by Wash View Post
    ... so, what was the warlock ninjaing from you?

    Stupid Warrior: Soul shards, the f**king idiot
    Quote Originally Posted by Brenx View Post
    3. If all WoW servers disappeared today and were permanently removed, what would your reaction be?

    I would go on forums like this and enjoy the epic nerdrage.

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    So in essence the OP is trying to make others quit WoW by questioning their motives for playing?

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    Question 1. Would I buy it again? HELL YES!.. if it wasn't for WoW I wouldnt have EVER met the single most important person in my life. That was as a DIRECT result of WoW and could not have happened any other way.

    Qeustion 2. Yes I am still active, although logging in for an hour or so a day is hardly what i would CALL active compared to the number of hours I USED to log a day (8+ hours was nothing unusual)

    Question 3. if the servers stopped existing tomorrow I honestly wouldnt give a rat's sweaty left one. WoW is something to do nothing more, nothing less

    So I don't consider myself an addict ( I USED to be, but not any more) and it's no big deal if my sub unexpectedly runs out on me and I can't re-sub for a week or so. I just find other things to do. Do I lose any sleep over the fact that my characters aren't progressing? No. Would I care if they never progressed again? No.

    there are 2 ends of the spectrum, enjoyment and addiction, most fall under the enjoyment marker, but sadly, and this sounds like it was the case for the OP. there will always be those who become hopelessly addicted.

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    While i can appreciate your sentiments I do see this as a biased post from the side of someone who is leaving the game. It's easy to say that you could've met new real world friends with the time that you were playing WoW, when it's just as true that those real world friends could have gotten you into drugs and a lifestyle that could have led to your personal downfall, so for question 1 my answer is always, if I ever had anything in life to do over again, I would do it because I am the sum of the choices I made today and anything I changed would change me completely.

    Question 2. I'll probably stop playing (again) when i get bored (again) or can't afford it (again) All healthy answers to a realistic question.

    Question 3. If this happened, I'm sure I would be disappointed for a while, probably based on a need to know what happened to make them disappear. WoW doesn't control me, nor does it encompass my life so I wouldn't be devastated, but i would probably miss the parts of the game I like most.

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    1) No, I'd earn money in my free time instead :P
    2) No clue, as long as I enjoy it I will play if I can afford 2-3 raids per week.
    3) Say thanks and farwell to guildies and go back to earning money in my free time

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    opinions are like.... potatoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexxia View Post
    opinions are like.... potatoes.
    They taste awesome baked and loaded, sliced and deep fried, and mashed up with lots of butter?

    EDIT: Lucky post 777 O.o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pun View Post
    For those with this outcome, I’d encourage some explanation, the reasoning behind your choice. Be wary of answers such as “I met some good friends”
    Why? Some of the most genuine friends I've made are from Warcraft and sometimes it feels they know me better than my real life friends. This might sound a little cliche, but in Warcraft you're judged more on your personality and actions rather than prejudicism toward your profession, studies or appearance. While I like to spend an evening with my buddies every now and then and have a blast I also enjoy every Thursday and Sunday night when we raid, because we tend to have fun in those as well.

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    I'll quit when I feel that I need to or get bored.

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    1-Given that i was house bound and depressed after been hit by a truck then yes i,d buy it again ...i,d beat my friend for sucking me into it mind you lol.

    2-Honestly i dont know i,ve been playing since vanilla wow and i aint taken sabbaticals and still going strong i have my days where i cant be arsed to play etc who doesnt .but i always find something too do ingame to keep me playing.

    3-tbh i,d be pretty peeved for about 3 seconds then i,d just get on with it old saying of shit happens deal with it .
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    1. If I could go back in time I would probably still buy WoW, but I would moderate my playing time better.
    2. My subscription is currently inactive as I take breaks regularly
    3. I would be a little sad to see the game end, but I have only good memories of it at this point so ultimately I'd be great.

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    1. Completely no idea. ATM i have practically quit, but am thinking of restarting.
    2. I did I would say when none of my IRL friends play WoW, it is a social game.
    3. My reaction? eh... I would just go do something else.

    Really liked the format of this and finally a discussion about quitting wow instead of QQing that everyone should quit WoW. Points for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troghdor View Post
    if I ever had anything in life to do over again, I would do it because I am the sum of the choices I made today and anything I changed would change me completely
    Quoted for Truth. and you said it very well.

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    1. If you could go back in time to the day you bought WoW, would you buy it again?

    2. If you are still an active player, when do you plan to stop playing?
    I'm only semi-active. Might quit when next tier is released, but depends on real life factors.

    3. If all WoW servers disappeared today and were permanently removed, what would your reaction be?
    Good riddance.

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    3. If all WoW servers disappeared today and were permanently removed, what would your reaction be?

    I would go on forums like this and enjoy the epic nerdrage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pun View Post
    Preface: The motivation behind this long post was to provide the community with the thoughts and questions I posed to myself that ultimately led a long time WoW player (me) to quit. I am not complaining about the state of the game.

    Before I dive into my discussion, I will pose three questions to you. Bear in mind that any reply to this message should include an attempt to not only answer the questions, but provide at least a little honest explanation (short answer quiz!). I encourage you to read past the questions as well, as I express my own thoughts and bring in some of my experiences.

    So then, here we go:

    1. If you could go back in time to the day you bought WoW, would you buy it again?

    2. If you are still an active player, when do you plan to stop playing?

    3. If all WoW servers disappeared today and were permanently removed, what would your reaction be?

    Now, the part I enjoy – let’s breakdown these questions one at a time. But before we get to this, let me give you my brief WoW resume:
    I played for six years, from release to Cataclysm. I logged in for my last time two months ago. During that period, I logged just shy of 300 days among all my characters, and just over 200 days alone on my main. I took breaks from WoW during those years, sometimes months at a time. My longest break was 5 months towards the end of TBC.

    The purpose of providing that little WoW bio was to provide some context for the following discussion.

    Question 1 – the time travel question: Here, in a purely hypothetical world where time travel exists, you have the unique opportunity to go back in time and effectively remove WoW from your life. You have two choices here: Yes or No.

    If you answered “No”: Answering “no” means you’ve decided to NOT buy WoW again. This is my personal response as well, and was part of what led me to put the game down for good. Why continue playing something that, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t even be playing in the first place? I had to consider the good vs. the bad. And while many good experiences came from WoW, many that I would miss if I never bought it, the bad that came from it definitely came out on top.

    If you answered “Yes”: Answering “yes” means you’ve decided to pick up and install WoW again, from the start. Ultimately, you’ve made
    the decision that WoW has been a positive influence in your life, and as such, you don’t want it to be missing on your second go-around.

    For those with this outcome, I’d encourage some explanation, the reasoning behind your choice. Be wary of answers such as “I met some good friends” or “I met my future husband/wife”. These are not intrinsic to WoW. Have you considered the friends in real life you haven’t been meeting because you are playing WoW? Are the relationships you’ve made in WoW truly as meaningful as the ones you could be having with people in your school/community/workplace? If your response is, “I have loved playing my level 85 Tauren Prot Warrior too much to not buy WoW again” – that is something that ONLY WoW can provide, and is better response.

    Question 2 – I like this question because so many players I’ve spoken to haven’t really thought about it.

    I suspect the common response to this question will be “When I stop having fun.” To that I pose this analogy: You ask a chronic smoker when he/she plans to quit smoking. They respond “When it stops making me feel good.” You laugh. Of course it’ll never stop feeling good – they are hooked. Now while WoW is not the same kind of addiction as nicotine, the logic of that response is equally flawed.

    Games are a waste of time. Wasting time isn’t inherently bad. In fact, I’d argue that wasting time is necessary for everyone. We need relaxation time, to blow off steam. It provides balance to our lives. The problem comes with how much is OK. I wasted 300 days - on ONE game alone. How much have you wasted? How much is too much?

    Games should have an end. I LOVE the Mass Effect series. Good story, memorable characters, fun gameplay and interesting dialogue. All the pieces of a great game are there. How much have I played it the last week? None. The last month? None. Why? Because I FINISHED it. You will never finish WoW. How much am I looking forward to Mass Effect 3? Tons. Will I play it for 300 days…well, probably not .

    Question 3 – All active players have pictured this doomsday scenario at least once. You wake up and find out that WoW no longer exists. It has vanished from the face of the planet, and the anguished cries of sorrow can be heard all the way from China to Europe and across the oceans.

    When I quit for good, I deleted all my toons, including my main with over 200 days logged, 60k gold, and 10k achievement points. I expected for it to hurt. It didn’t. I felt nothing, only disgust that I could have put in that much time and still felt no twinge of pain when I at last deleted my toons.

    What would were reaction be?

    If you think you would be horrified by the servers disappearing, if it makes your gut sink and your stomach turn that all your efforts could be erased in a single moment – then you are emotionally attached to your characters. That is a sign of addiction.

    If you woke up and logged in only to find a blank server list with a message from Blizzard, “Sorry, WoW has ended,” and you feel nothing, just sort of empty, then why are logging in right now?


    The questions, though slightly loaded I admit, are designed to make the current player examine their WoW experience in three ways: past, future, and present. In the past, what has WoW brought you (that other parts of life couldn’t have)? In the future, where will it end? Or does it even have an ending? In the present, what’s the motivation to log in today? Start asking yourself these questions and taking a serious approach to answer them honestly. My hope is that this will at least start getting some players to consider the influence WoW has had, and continues to have, on them.

    Thanks for reading!
    Back to this guys topic guys. I really don't care if you enjoy the game and why you should quit or not, he was just asking about what you reactions and answers would be and why? He never asked for you to quit WoW. There's three simple questions, so if you're not going to answer them just leave this thread..

    1. It all depends on if we could have our old pre-tbc with my old friends back, that would be awesome, but with the current changes? Not really..
    2. I checked my played, total I got around 100-110 days played on all my chars with 85 I think on my main. It's much less than most of you yeah, and ofcourse I've not played all those hours / days. Half of them are probably from my bot and friends playin' on it, 5-10% if afk or leeching while watching a film or something and ofcourse some of it is me playin' hardcore with friends. But still, that's alot to spend on a game, but if you achieved something in the game we can say it's okey, but the problem here is, I've achieved nothin'.. that's why my goal is to hit 2,6k rating in either 2v2 or 3v3. When that is done, I'll say goodbye blizzard, it was good how long it lasted and I'll probably deleted my toons.
    3. If servers we're offline, without Blizzard sayin' anything, and even though their ecconomy works great I would sue them, easy as that. And even if they put the servers back then I wouldn't really care. It's not like I'm addicted, it's just something to use my spare time on. And yeah, I could've used it on friends and girl friends but there ya go, not everyone's perfect and we all do mistakes.

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    1. If you could go back in time to the day you bought WoW, would you buy it again?

    err. yes. definately.

    2. If you are still an active player, when do you plan to stop playing?
    if i'd plan to stop playing i'd do so right away ^^
    the moment wow is no fun amymore or a real pvp mmo is released should be the moment you asked for tho.

    3. If all WoW servers disappeared today and were permanently removed, what would your reaction be?
    play some dragon age 2 or minecraft.
    And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach!
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    1: Yeah i would of still got WoW as vanilla was awesome! had an amazing time there and through out WoW.
    2: If i got a serious GF, Id wanna spend more time with her then on my PC. So the money id save would make it possible to take her to dinner and such.
    3: Would be kinda upset as my T2 rogue would be gone forever :P and id miss him

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    While you pose some interesting questions, your explanations are completely flawed.

    1) You say that meeting people isn't intrinsic to wow, but that is a bit misleading. You make it seem like if people weren't on wow then they would have been out meeting new people which might have not been happening. Additionally, people don't even need to be on wow to meet new people. For instance, I have a bunch of RL friends that I met in college and we connected over wow. Would we have connected otherwise? Possibly, but very likely not.

    2) Your comparison of playing wow to smoking shows how jaded you are against wow. If you really feel that people are as addicted to wow as people are addicted to smoking, you probably don't understand addiction. The only way your logic works there is if wow is as addicting as smoking (which it is not). Smoking will never simply become "disinteresting" because of chemical addiction. On the other side, regardless of the person, wow will eventually become boring or old hat.

    It is strange that you say that games are a waste of time and then immediately turn around and negate that idea. Perhaps you misinterpret the meaning of "waste of time", but generally it means that the time used was worthless. If something is worthwhile, it cannot be a waste of time. However, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were simply misusing it as the colloquial meaning of "use of time". As for the "300 days played" that you harped on repeatedly, I'm sure you would be amazed at how much time you spend doing other things. The difference here is wow keeps track of how long you have been playing while other things don't.

    As to "games should have an end", why is it that you feel that wow cannot end? I think you are grossly misunderstanding how games and stories work. Wow is just like your "Mass Effect" series, except instead of giving you the whole story up front it is delivered is small-large batches known as "patches" and "expansions". In Mass Effect, this same thing is experienced in the form of "DLC" and "sequels". Simply because you choose to not follow the story in wow does not mean that story arcs haven't ended. On the same token, just because you see the credits in Mass Effect doesn't mean the story is over. Think about that for a while.

    3) I'm going to simply reiterate Lyssah's comment here: if you feel pain it is because you still value it, not because you're "addicted" (which is a ridiculous term that people throw around because they think they know what it means).

    You also asked if you would feel nothing "then why are you logging in right now?" which is a baited question after your previous flawed questions and explanations. You basically pose the idea "wow is worthless, why are you still playing" which isn't what most people think. You've set up this whole straw man argument that is designed to make people believe that everything they've been doing hasn't been of any value and then conclude with the juxtaposition of "either you're addicted to wow, or you're just wasting your time" which isn't very fair.

    Anyhow, I figure I should give my responses to be fair:
    1) Yes. There was a period of time when I would have said that I regretted my purchase, but now I can't make that claim. I've made dozens of RL friends on/through wow, gotten closer to my in-laws, and found a meaningful way to spend spare time with my wife. On top of all of this, I've thoroughly enjoyed leveling multiple characters, spending time raiding, achievement hunting, getting engrossed in the latest news/theorycrafting/datamining, and learning how to do so many other things.

    2) When I feel it is time to move on. I have played countless other games for hours without end and have had to make this decision before. Years ago, I had poured more time into Diablo 2 than I have into wow. I eventually decided to quit. The game just wasn't for me any more. It was hard to remove the game from my computer because I had grown so attached to my characters which I had meticulously crafted and created. However, it was time to go and it felt good to move to the next big thing. I imagine it will feel largely the same when I leave wow.

    3) Like many others, I would feel sad that everything was gone, probably regretful that I didn't get to do achievement X or raid Y, mad that it had happened without warning, but in the end I would be okay. There is so much out there that could fill the same spot that I wouldn't have any trouble moving on. That isn't to say that I wouldn't still think or talk about it. However, it would likely be in the same way that I talk about Earth and Beyond, EQ 1 & 2, Shadowbane, Diablo 1 & 2, SW:G, and CS:S. They all have powerful memories attached and I enjoy reminiscing.

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