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    Almost the start of a new raid week, come join in on all the fun!

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    Down with Baleroc! That puts us at 6/7 and thus time to have fun on Ragnaros - come have some fun with us! (Recruitment not quite up to date, more on that to come.)
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    Bump for Firelords!

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    Bumping for recruitment. We currently don't have any dire needs, however exceptional applications are ALWAYS welcome - but you knew that! Come join us in Dragon Soul, it'll be a blast!

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    7 out of 8 on day one, look forward to finishing up with Madness of Deathwing tomorrow night!

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    Late bump for a 3 pull kill on Madness. That puts us at 8/8, here's to some fun tiems in heroics!

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    Heroic progress bump! 6/8H, making some pretty good progress on Spine. Need a holy paladin, a tank, and a rogue. Inquire if interested!

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    Come raid with us.

    Who wouldn't want to raid with me
    I'm pretty amazing after all.

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    Good Afternoon, Still looking for more friendly friends to raid with! Making great progression on heroic spine!

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    Nice to see you're still around. For some reason I thought you disappeared in Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercadi View Post
    Nice to see you're still around. For some reason I thought you disappeared in Cata.

    Never gonna give you up.

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    Still looking for great people, Heroic Spine is going down!

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    Still looking for great applicants!

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    Join us for tomorrows raid!

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    Happy Valentines Day <3

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    Hi friends! Bumping for a Spine kill. Yippie!

    Recruitment is updated. The worst is over, now it's time for Madness! Come join us!

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    I need a warlock friend ><

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    Ups, Madness will die monday!

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    Good Morning! Still looking for exceptional applicants to join us!

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    I really need a warlock friend

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