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    [A] Lightbringer - 5/8H 3 Day 10M LF Healer and Tank

    Fruari Mortificatio is a Level 25 guild on US-Lightbringer. We're looking to add a healer and a tank to core raid and start a second raid group. We're an adult oriented guild with a majority of our members 25+. We do alt runs and old raids on off nights, if you're looking to PVP on the side we're not too active in that area.

    Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Thurs 6:30 - 9:00 pst. Will occasionally extend 30 min or do a 3rd raid night if the guild is up for it.
    Loot: Open loot council, if there's a debate we /roll. Trials are eligible for loot from day 1.
    Progression: 5/8H
    All flasks/pots/food/repairs provided by the guild.

    Recruiting: Disc Priest or Holy Pally - High Need
    Non-Pally tank - Medium Need
    All other specs/classes highly encouraged to apply.

    If interested, more info at fm.guildzilla.com or contact Kittyb or Zenob on US-Lightbringer. Real id is bhwow1 @ gmail . com

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