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    [A] Vox Radix - 8/8H Dragon Soul, 7/7H Firelands, 3 night 25-man guild LFM

    ◄Vox Radix► 25-man Heroic Raid Guild

    Vox Radix has been an end-game raiding guild for over 7 years. We have achieved many server firsts since Vanilla, including WotLK Realm Firsts such as 3 Drakes, Naxxramas, Malygos, Immortal, Yogg-Saron, Grand Crusader, and Light of Dawn. More recently in Cataclysm, we earned Realm First kills on nearly all heroic bosses including Sinestra, Al'akir, Nefarian, Ragnaros, and Spine of Deathwing finishing out the expansion with one of our strongest rankings yet - ranked 75 among US 25 man guilds.


    ► Darkspear - Alliance

    Raid Times:

    ► Progress: Tu, Wed, Thurs, 7-11pm Server Time (Mountain)

    Recruitment Needs:

    With current content cleared, we are currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. Our roster is rounded out nicely, however we are always looking for exceptional and dedicated players. If your class is not listed below, please apply anyway. With our current 1 night/week raid schedule, keep in mind that 100% attendance will be necessary to allow us to properly assess applications.

    ► One tank.
    ► One holy paladin.

    ► One multispec capable warlock.

    ► None in low need.

    Raid Progress - Cataclysm:

    Dragon Soul
    ► Dragon Soul Heroic - 8/8
    ▸ Server First Heroic Morchok
    ▸ Server First Heroic Yor'sahj
    ▸ Server First Heroic Zon'ozz
    ▸ Server First Heroic Ultraxion 25
    ▸ Server First Heroic Blackhorn
    ▸ Server First Heroic Spine of Deathwing
    ▸ Server First Heroic Madness of Deathwing 25

    ► Server First Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

    ► Firelands Normal - 7/7
    ▸ Server First for all 25-man boss kills
    ► Firelands Heroic - 7/7
    ▸ Server First Heroic Shannox
    ▸ Server First Heroic Lord Ryolith
    ▸ Server First Heroic Beth'tilac
    ▸ Server First Heroic Alysrazor 25
    ▸ Server First Heroic Majordomo 25
    ▸ Server First Heroic Baleroc
    ▸ Server First Heroic Ragnaros

    Tier 11
    ► Tier 11 Normal - 12/12
    ▸ Server First for all 25-man boss kills
    ► Tier 11 Heroic - 13/13
    ▸ Server First Heroic Al'akir
    ▸ Server First Heroic Nefarian
    ▸ Server First Heroic Cho'gall
    ▸ Server First Heroic Sinestra
    ▸ Server First Heroic Ascendant Council
    ▸ (and many more!)

    Raid Progress - Wrath of the Lich King:

    ► Server First Naxxramas
    ► Server First Immortal US 11
    ► The Twilight Zone
    ► Server First Malygos
    ► Glory of the Raider US 42nd
    ► Astral Walker
    ► Alone in the Darkness
    ► Server First Grand Crusader US 217
    ► Server First Light of Dawn US 275
    ► Bane of the Fallen King
    ► Glory of the Icecrown Raider US 85

    We completed all three Glory of the Raider meta achievements from WotLK while they were relevant.

    ► Respect and professionalism within guild and outside.
    ► Constructive criticism to help improve on progression encounters.
    ► Experience with encounters that are out presently.
    ► Ability to keep up with the encounter mechanics and our raiders.
    ► A computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently + No DC's -- Good Raid fps/ms.
    ► HIGH Situational Awareness - If you cannot move out of Ignition, Shadow Flame, or run out with a Lightning Rod, then we're not the guild for you.
    ► We realize a lot of this post probably sounds sterile. The point of this game is to have fun, and fun we have. We hope that our not-so-politically correct sense of humor won't offend you!

    We currently provide guild repairs on progression content, enchanting mats out of the guild bank, cauldrons twice every raid, and feasts on every pull. We currently provide SOME potions (Tol'vir/Volcanic/etc) for progression, but do expect raiders supplement with their own.

    We pride ourselves on accomplishing everything we do within our specified raid times. We understand that this is a game and respect every raider's time by ending on time. (In very rare cases, with a unanimous vote, we've been known to do one final pull when we're very close to a kill.) In return, we do expect our raiders on time or to communicate with us if something is interfering. During farm content, we drop down to the bare minimum - usually 1 day/week. We use the rest of our raid time and weekend evenings for various old content runs (FL mount runs, ICC, mog runs, etc) and alt raids.

    We play to raid. We like to kill shit. We are competitive and are always striving to be better. We don't recruit for the bench.

    Contact Info:
    ► Darkspear-Alliance

    ► Kagemarou, Tilgare, Thros, Hermionè, Kiona (GM)


    World of Logs:

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    Got another kill tonight, collected some nice loot off of Valiona and Theralion! Recruitment needs remain the same currently, all exceptional applicants are welcome to apply.

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    Got ourselves an Al'akir kill over the weekend, using the rest of our week to finish off Nefarian. Updated recruitment needs!

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    Nefarian down! Recruitment needs to be updated soon.

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    Recruitment updated for now, all in low need currently. Of course, all exceptional applicants feel free to apply and give our raiders a run for their money!

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    After many heartbreaking sub-5% wipes, Cho'gall finally took a dive into the lava! Much loot and much rejoicing was had. Recruitment needs are up to date.

    Sinestra, here we come!

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    Good first night of attempts on Sinestra! Freshly updated our recruitment info, come find us if you're interested!

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    Added more specific recruitment needs.

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    Updated recruitment! Come join us and kill a purple dargon! Specifically need healers and healers capable of dpsing.

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    First and foremost - the purple dargon is dead! With our last Realm First! and a set of brand new Dragonslayers, we soon set off for Firelands.

    Recruitment updated, but as always, if you think you're a good fit, let us know!

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    Firelands is just around the corner - if you're capable of NOT standing in fire, come join us!

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    Quick bump for 6/7 clear in the first week, looking forward to killing Ragnaros next week!

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    Ended up getting a Ragnaros kill this week anyways! Good luck to everyone in heroics next week!

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    It's been a while so - bump for 2 dead heroic bosses and a 25 man Rag kill!

    Recruitment is up to date, but we are, as always, looking for fantastic players.

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    Where are all my pals that are supposed to be bumping this!? >=(

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    Progression updated! After many gut wrenching sub-3, 2, 1, and 0% (seriously, no one had a bubble?) wipes, we walked in and killed her in one shot tonight!
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    Bumping for a few very close kills on a few bosses. Recruitment updated!

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    Oops! Forgot to bump for a dead bird!

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    High Overlord Soundeffects's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Seattle, Wa
    Need rogue(s)!

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    Yay! Someone else bumped!

    Bump for dead Domo and a realm first Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest! (Grats Kagemarou!)

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