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  • I'm single and I'm happy.

    71 11.27%
  • I'm single, but I'd like someone.

    211 33.49%
  • I have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    166 26.35%
  • I am engaged.

    27 4.29%
  • I am married.

    51 8.10%
  • I am divorced.

    3 0.48%
  • I am a widow/widower.

    2 0.32%
  • Forever alone. ;-;

    99 15.71%
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    I was married, not anymore though, and now have a wonderfull Girlfriend that has total different interests then me, so that keeps it fresh.

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    Engaged to my fiance. Been with him for 5 years!

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    Married, finally found a guy to withstand my sarcasm /cheer

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    I do, but she dosnt really know about it though :&
    A preoccupation with the next world is a clear indication of an inability to cope credibly with this one.

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    forever alone... had a few girlfriends back in the day, just can't bother to put up with anyone else's drama anymore...
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    Ah yeah...

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    I is married.

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    Single and happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratchee View Post
    You described that very well. I'm female and see myself as a very down to earth individual. It's funny that you mentioned it, but I also wear my hair in a pony tail, wear jeans and a t-shirt. I'd never wear a miniskirt, high heels, bleach my hair or giggle at everything people say. Heck I don't even wear makeup because it looks so fake and it makes me feel that those who do cake it on it are either not comfortable with how they look or are trying too hard to impress people that might happen to look at them.

    My boyfriend and I are approaching our 5th year of being together and to be honest, I never thought that something so wonderful would happen to me. I always looked so plain compared to everyone else in school and had only a handful of close friends. I'd often eat alone during lunch period and would even see people in class look around as if asking "who's that?" when the teachers did roll call and my name was called. To make the story short, my friends took me to the homecoming football game and introduced me to their friend who played on the team. We went as a group to dinner and he and I started talking a bit, which ended up with him finding me in the hallway to walk me to my classes and finally end up asking me to be his girlfriend in a very surprising way. I couldn't stop wondering how this tall, strong, drop dead good looking guy on the football team wanted so much to be with such a plain, loner of a person like me, but it happened and I couldn't be happier. He tells me he loves me because I am my own person and don't care what people think. I think the same for him as well.

    I think that when people actually believe they will be "forever alone", it's because they haven't found somebody good enough for them that is worth the effort yet. It actually saddens me when people think so low of themselves. Finding somebody that makes you happy should never be a strain. They just need to be themselves and take chances when they can, even if takes a long time. Helping themselves along the way, like getting healthy, cleaning the bedroom and working on confidence, will maybe improve their chances. But when the right person comes along, they'll know.
    Thats deffinatly not always the case. I bleach my hair, wear makeup and live by my straightners. But I'm the most down to earth, happy, relaxed person I know. (Granted i would rather die that wear a mini skirt!)
    I met a guy a year ago in-game, and tbh I thought he was gay! He was so bubbly and happy. It turns out, he's actually best friends with one of my friends, we went to the same school and the same college. We live down the road from each other! Well, he's deffinatly not gay, and we're a 100% personality match. Things are tricky at the moment, cos Im in uni down South of England (originally from the north), but this summer, we're giving it a try at being together "offically". Being with someone isnt overrated at all =]

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    Got an awesome girlfriend. She even likes to play video games.

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    I hope I will find this someone who will be "soulbound" to me. I guess I found her already, but not sure yet.

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    I remember I was in love once, like really in love and it didn't work out. The girl I'm with now is pretty amazing, but it will never be quite as deep a love. Such is life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dembai View Post
    I have a very nice hubby. <3

    Also to those of you who are trying to find ladies, here's a clue - if she can't handle being treated like one of your friends, she won't be able to handle you EVER.

    Some girls are drama queens and they assume that the fluff they've seen on TV and in movies is how real life 'should' work. They will make your life a misery, just to prove the TV right and they're not worth your time.

    Finding a chick who is beyond all that might take some time, but you also might have to admit to yourself, that a chick who is down to earth might keep her hair in a pony tail and wear jeans and a tshirt instead of miniskirts and high heels. Look for her in any amount of random locations. a bar or club is a bad freaking choice. There are tons of lonely nerd chicks out there who wouldn't mind your habits in the slightest.

    Trust me, I was one. X3
    This x1000.

    I am married. We've been together about 5 years, married about one year.

    Early in our relationship (first year or so) it was really rocky because she had a warped view of how the world works from too many Korean dramas and just general immaturity. She even brought me down to her level sometimes. I eventually just had had enough, broke it off for a couple months over the holiday season and told her to get it together and learn to appreciate the things I do, not dwell on the things I don't.

    She did, aaaaaand eventually we moved in together aaaaand... here we are.

    But everything Dembai said is spot on.

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    I have a girlfriend. I realized that I loved her when we were watching Growing Pains and was enjoying it.

    If you don't get it, I never ever watched Growing Pains and never liked it!

    Don't judge me ;_;

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    I've been with my girlfriend since i was a freshman in high school

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaitoc View Post
    I don't understand the opposite sex and don't feel the need to. I treat women exactly the same way as I do men, and they usually find this a bit offensive Women seem like a lot more trouble than they're worth.
    This, I cba to play a role just because it's a woman, I grew out of that at the age of 12, lots of friends still do around their girlfriends.

    I wouldn't say I am forever alone, I consider myself single and happy.

    The only thing that I worry about is the financial aspect of a relationship, single life is tough

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    Single and happy atm. Don't want to get a girlfriend just for the sake of it and I think I'll find one when the right time comes, but I'm not in a hurry

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    I'm single right now, but being me (and generally hating people in real life..) I really don't mind.

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    Never had a real girlfriend but in high school I was really into someone but I don't think she liked me as much as I liked her so I was basically friendzoned and then she got pregnant and that was pretty much it after that. She was the kind of girl that gave me butterflies in my stomach everytime I saw her.

    I'd like to have someone but im not going to rush it I want a REAL relationship not a 2 month relationship.

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    I'm single and I'm ok with it, I find relationships take work and so far I have yet to find someone whom I feel is worth the effort.

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