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  • I'm single and I'm happy.

    71 11.27%
  • I'm single, but I'd like someone.

    211 33.49%
  • I have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    166 26.35%
  • I am engaged.

    27 4.29%
  • I am married.

    51 8.10%
  • I am divorced.

    3 0.48%
  • I am a widow/widower.

    2 0.32%
  • Forever alone. ;-;

    99 15.71%
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    I feel very fortunate, was alone til I was 25, got together with a girl for 2 months, had some fun and alot of tears, then it ended. Half a year later I got together with my best friend since a year =)

    She is the one that got me into WoW and kicks my ass in raids, so I got a gamer girl that likes metal just like me. I guess good things really come to those who wait.

    Just don't just sit on your ass while waiting, do other fun stuff, go places, take classes you like, learn kung fu or whatever you are interested in,
    or you will never get into a position or place where you actually have a chance of meeting someone.

    Nightclubs and bars isn't the best place for people like me to meet a girl in, believe me, I've tried that X)

    My mother always said "What do you expect? If you want to meet a party animal/half drunk crazy girl, by all means go to nightclubs or bars. If you want to meet a gamer hardrock girl, go to concerts, conventions or the local internet café."
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    I met my girlfriend on 4chan and we've been together for almost a year ^__^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typrax View Post
    I met my girlfriend on 4chan and we've been together for almost a year ^__^
    Lol who would have ever guessed. Imageboards must be the last place where you find a gf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanani View Post
    Lol who would have ever guessed. Imageboards must be the last place where you find a gf.
    Genuinely never heard of any true joy come out of that place. Whoa, well happy for that guy!

    Me? I have a gf, been together 3-4 months, and it all seems pretty solid. I was engaged for a year in a 2 year relationship before that. and i thought that was it and i would be happily married later on in life and that was that, definitely a hard way for me to learn to just take life one day at a time.

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    Currently dating, no intentions on getting engaged yet or a while.

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    I chose forever alone because I want to see that bar get bigger. Seriously though, I've chosen to be single until I can find someone I'm compatible with and can tolerate. I realize that my borderline hermit lifestyle conflicts with this plan, but I don't really care.

    P.S.: Typing from a phone sucks. I don't recommend it.

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    Being as nonsocial as I am, I chose the "Forever alone ;-;" option. Had a "FWB" for a couple weeks before she got with someone, and we lost contact. *shrug* That was many many years ago (12 or so, back in college). Tried an online relationship, she ended up lying about a few things, so that ended.

    I am basically a shut-in with no social life whatsoever, except for my "guild" in LotRO. I have no real friends except for one way over in PA, but he's a dude and I don't swing that way (neither does he). Of course, being a 31-year-old fairly overweight (50 lbs) unemployed nerd in an inbred tiny POS town, doesn't exactly give much in the way of prospective mates. My social life ended back in 1999 (for the most part) when I graduated high school.

    I am sure that I will end up being a "crazy dog dude" instead of a crazy cat lady. Already working on that, as I have 4. And I am sure I will get flak for this part, but it also doesn't help that my parents are living in my house paying all the bills. I guess that's what I get for moving out and getting my own place after only working at the casino boat for a year, thinking I would still be there to this day. And I don't see my situation improving at all, and I am sure I will be royally fucked hard when my parents are no longer alive... I am ---] [--- that close to packing up a couple bags and start walking so I can finally get out of this hell hole of a town.

    So yeah, forever alone ;-; At first it was by choice, but as I grow older, I feel like it probably wasn't the best choice.

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    Forever alone at the moment

    Quote Originally Posted by Typrax View Post
    I met my girlfriend on 4chan and we've been together for almost a year ^__^
    I hope she wasn't a camwhore.

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    Quite happy being single at the moment.
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    Single and happy (again) but I would like someone at the same time, I enjoy relationships for the company really

    But I done have someone special, were not going out, and never have or ever want to, we knew each other from training years and years ago, and we lost contact over the years, aka she stopped going to the one I trained in and I stopped going to her, even though they were the same teacher. Coming up to just over 2 years ago now, we met again when I was asked to help out over there, we didn't talk much but the week after went on a camping trip with the club, and we just clicked, spent nearly every weekend during the first year staying at hers, Id be in the same bedroom next to her bed (yea yea insert friendzone comments) neither of us minded,

    She to me is like a "baby sister" even though she more than capable to look after herself, I try my best to keep a eye on her, regardless we now live a hour away from each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typrax View Post
    I met my girlfriend on 4chan and we've been together for almost a year ^__^
    Holy shit... lmao never would of dreamed anyone meeting on there? is it a proper relationship where you meet or just a internet chat room everynight?
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    Recently met an amazing girl through WoW that shares most of my interests, and that we can tolerate each other's faults, because everyone has those as well. The right person for you is one that overlooks your flaws and likes you for who you are.

    Was alone for a very long time, like really long, couldn't believe when it happened. Wasn't looking for someone or anything of the sort.

    Feels good.

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    Single and ready to mingle
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    I was with my 'ex' for 18 months but in spite of being madly in love we decided to seperate when I had to move back home. Long distance seemed too tortuous. I go to visit every so often to see her and friends and when we're together, it's pretty much the same as before, only we have more to catch up on. If either of us met someone else we wouldn't want to get in the other's way and because we're both so focused on careers, have great friends and are physically far apart it wouldn't be too hard to move on.

    Or we could just have an affair.

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    Married since last june, we've been together for 11 years total... and very happy yes
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    I think I'll end up marrying my PC... My friends already call it Karen. (sponge bob reference)

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    Married, totally worth it.

    Wife doesn't understand or like video games. It's cool. She does some shit I don't want to be a part of either.

    Anyway, regarding the people who think they're stuck a forever-alone, you're not. The only thing standing in your way is you. If you get off your ass and put yourself out there, something will eventually happen - just be who you are and not who you assume girls want you to be.
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    married. been with the same woman for 10 years, bless her soul for putting up with me

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