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  • I'm single and I'm happy.

    71 11.27%
  • I'm single, but I'd like someone.

    211 33.49%
  • I have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    166 26.35%
  • I am engaged.

    27 4.29%
  • I am married.

    51 8.10%
  • I am divorced.

    3 0.48%
  • I am a widow/widower.

    2 0.32%
  • Forever alone. ;-;

    99 15.71%
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    Red face Do you have a special someone?

    With all those "Girl help threads" I see in this forum, I'm just wondering how many of you out there have someone special in your life? Whether it be a boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, or even just a crush.

    I ask that, in the poll, you remain truthful. Please do not vote for a husband/wife just because you're super in love with your loverboy. :P
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    I has a wife

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    My hand. "Remotely helps my computer using."
    But really, I think i am just not that social, i've had few girlfriends yeah but i've been quite alone since my 2 best friends died.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zandarth View Post
    but i've been quite alone since my 2 best friends died.
    Rough. But yeah, I've been through a few girlfriends, finally caught a pretty solid one.

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    Getting married soon.

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    Poll is up now.

    Me, I have a girlfriend. Our one year anniversary is coming up soon. We are very like-minded, with the exception of her being an art major and me being a man of science. Feels good, man.

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    I have a boyfriend...and I'm leaving in a couple of hours to get on a plane to go see him!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moondance View Post
    I have a boyfriend...and I'm leaving in a couple of hours to get on a plane to go see him!!!!
    I'm happy to hear that. My girlfriend's currently going to school up in Canadia. She'll be coming down next month and we'll be going to an Anime Convention.

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    I'm single. I'm hopeless and forsee a very very very very small chance of me being with a girlfriend.

    But I'd like one

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    yup, met them through wow too.

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    I have a boyfriend who I'm currently living with.

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    Forever alone. ;-;

    I don't understand the opposite sex and don't feel the need to. I treat women exactly the same way as I do men, and they usually find this a bit offensive Women seem like a lot more trouble than they're worth.

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    I don't have a special someone - I'm married

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    Got an awesome girlfriend.

    girlfriends are cool when they like VIDEO GAMES.

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    Currently don't have a girlfriend. I will be moving to another city soon so I don't want to get attached now.
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    To the people that want someone... selling a woman for only 10g. NO REFUNDS!


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    Relationships are overrated.

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    I have 4 girlfriends and a boyfriend. Makes me feel warm inside.

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