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  • I'm single and I'm happy.

    71 11.27%
  • I'm single, but I'd like someone.

    211 33.49%
  • I have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    166 26.35%
  • I am engaged.

    27 4.29%
  • I am married.

    51 8.10%
  • I am divorced.

    3 0.48%
  • I am a widow/widower.

    2 0.32%
  • Forever alone. ;-;

    99 15.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pachycrocuta View Post
    Being as nonsocial as I am, I chose the "Forever alone ;-;" option. Had a "FWB" for a couple weeks before she got with someone, and we lost contact. *shrug* That was many many years ago (12 or so, back in college). Tried an online relationship, she ended up lying about a few things, so that ended.

    I am basically a shut-in with no social life whatsoever, except for my "guild" in LotRO. I have no real friends except for one way over in PA, but he's a dude and I don't swing that way (neither does he). Of course, being a 31-year-old fairly overweight (50 lbs) unemployed nerd in an inbred tiny POS town, doesn't exactly give much in the way of prospective mates. My social life ended back in 1999 (for the most part) when I graduated high school.

    I am sure that I will end up being a "crazy dog dude" instead of a crazy cat lady. Already working on that, as I have 4. And I am sure I will get flak for this part, but it also doesn't help that my parents are living in my house paying all the bills. I guess that's what I get for moving out and getting my own place after only working at the casino boat for a year, thinking I would still be there to this day. And I don't see my situation improving at all, and I am sure I will be royally fucked hard when my parents are no longer alive... I am ---] [--- that close to packing up a couple bags and start walking so I can finally get out of this hell hole of a town.

    So yeah, forever alone ;-; At first it was by choice, but as I grow older, I feel like it probably wasn't the best choice.
    Dude, come on. That's sad, crazy talk right there. If you're in a shitty town, get the hell out of there, and just get out of the house more. Take a run with your dogs, dogs love to run and women love dogs. Win-win? I think so!
    And 50 lbs overweight? What the hell, man. That's like 5-6 months of straightening out your life and diet and you're in ship shape condition. Seriously. Please do it.

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    Why is this in Fun Stuff?! My love life isn't fun!! D'=

    (It's non-existent...)

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    I got one on my eye right now and i have this feeling she likes me too, but one of her friends is my ex ... And as far as i know they all seem to lie everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    Why is this in Fun Stuff?! My love life isn't fun!! D'=

    (It's non-existent...)
    You can have all the love I can spare. :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokann View Post
    You can have all the love I can spare. :<
    Thanks, Lokann. That means a lot. =')

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    Single but looking/waiting pretty much
    < foreveralonegeek

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    Not exactly forever alone since I've been in a (rather short) relationship already, but I don't see myself entering one in the near future.

    It doesn't bother me. I love solitude.

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    I like someone.
    But for too long.
    I should just give up now.
    Sweeter than yo mama's apple pie.

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    I'm currently single, but I want to ask this girl, who plays WoW and other awesome games, out so bad. The problem is I suck at being myself, so I have this bad habit of molding myself after the people I'm currently around, so I don't really have my own personality. Plus me and the girl only talk occasionally, and I can't bring myself to loosen up and talk to her, or ask her out because I feel I don't know her quite well enough.
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    Wow players will complain about anything.
    Feminists will complain about anything.
    Put the two together, and the sky's the limit.
    Quote Originally Posted by phitness View Post
    I may be weak and pathetic but how dare you call me people.

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    Divorced one day short of seven years. Do not marry someone you do not care for at all...But now that I am a hideously ugly, overweight(found out I had had diabetes and no one knew for at least 5-7 years, but now with meds and all that stuff I should be to a good weight by next year), thirty two year old, I want to choose the forever alone option. Although there is this gorgeous Mexican girl I talk with a lot that I really like, but she is so much younger than I am and she just broke up with her boyfriend of six years and sasys she does not want to think of another relationship right least she talks to me and my Spanish is decent.

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    Forever alone. By choice.

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    If I find another like myself in this world, she and I will be a union to terrorize all liberals as the world has never seen before. I watch for her.
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
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    Have a boyfriend, we've been living together for two years come tomorrow, and we're planning on getting married once this whole college/Master's degree/money thing gets settled.

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    just moved to another town, only had one really good friend for ages which then was like "dont want to know you anymore" ~1 1/2 years ago for no reason not responding to mails, calls and knocks anymore

    now im in need of a job or something.. knowing no one here not being a person who starts convos with random people on the streets or so anyway (yeah kind of shy)
    sure a gf or just a good friend would be welcome but.. good or best friend has lost its meaning for me

    actually voted single but i'd like someone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    You're full of shit honey.

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    Been single pretty much all my life, and no matter how hard I try to be myself it just doesn't ever happen.

    I swear I'm like a doormat really, every girl I have liked wants to be "just friends", they expect me to socialize with them and their bf's when they know how I feel about them (I tend to get jealous in these situations), and when it all goes wrong for them they expect me to dish out advice! I swear I have " mug" written on my forehead or something because no matter how hard I try to say no to helping them I can't bring myself to do it.

    I certainly do feel lonely quite often, and I've all but given up hope after failing miserably on the online dating scene - maybe one day...

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    With a girl and she is just precious. Love her with every fiber of my being. <3 Is in College, plays video games, plays Roller Derby, is more randy then I am, loves baking and doing art. <3 Her, and would give anything for her. Going to propose when I get back from my first deployment. :X

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    I have a wonderful girlfriend in Norway and I am in England. Currently working towards moving out there with her.

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    Forever alone no one wants a manic depressive geek who cant for life of him get a job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenshadows View Post
    Forever alone no one wants a manic depressive geek who cant for life of him get a job
    Just to add a little perspective, there are also many girls with psychological disorders. In other words, it's not just men. I know a beautiful and incredibly sweet girl with an eating disorder, and a relatively attractive one with bipolar. Both are single, and while I haven't asked them this directly, I bet both of them also feel that they are unlovable. Who could better understand you than a girl who also has a disorder? We only stay alone when we believe we're the only ones with issues. Just a thought.

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    I found that anyone I see as "special" I tend to be an asshole towards them and say they should never be acquainted with me mainly because I don't view myself with such enthusiastic regard and deep down in the bottomless pit I call my soul I really do not want people to be hurt by me.
    Forever alone by one's own fault I guess.
    On topic: I do not have a certain someone as of this moment in time.
    My attempt at being less of a pessimist was choosing Dawnbringer as my choice of server.
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