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    ^ HAHAHAHHA you have no idea how not true that is
    < wants a quiet peaceful day
    V wont let that happen

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    ^ na id make it happen
    < wondering why i keep coming back here if i never have anything good for the < V
    V Had a awful day

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    ^ Meh.
    < Is still looking for somebody to play Fable 3 with.
    v Will play it with me.

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    ^ Eww, Fable 3.
    < Is looking to play Portal 2 co-op. You know, a good co-op game.
    V Will do so.

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    ^ Portal 2 co-op is extremely far from good. It's not even good enough to be considered decent. :P
    < At least Fable 3 lets you kill people and have children together.
    v Agrees with me.

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    ^ I like both
    < would have kids with mynta
    V wants children with mynta too.

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    ^ Not really no.
    < Wants children with someone else. But not in a close future.
    v Doesn't want children.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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    ^ At the moment, not really. I think with a solid marriage the desire would grow. I'm only willing to adopt though.
    < Easter lunch was meh.
    v Doesn't celebrate Easter in any way.

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    ^ Is correct or was sorta forced too since my fiance and his family do the whole religion thing.
    < Isn't looking forward to church also just realized the down arrow is a v i've been copying pasting it this entire time cause i couldn't figure out how to make it.
    v will give me an excuse to avoid Easter stuff

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    ^ nope you have to do it all.
    < hates socks, and anything on his feet
    V will start a sock fire for me.

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    ^ save a foot #%@$ a sock, right??? right???
    < finally won a 20hour long civ game very happy with my self
    v Is sexually attracted to Dryer Lint

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    ^ Nope.
    < Loves socks though.
    v Agrees that socks are awesome.

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    ^ Nothing better than clean socks!
    < Loves the new Bioshock game.
    v Also loves the new Bioshock.

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    ^ don't know, too poor to buy it
    < wants to steals everyone's socks and burn them
    V has a sock fetish

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    ^ Uh, no. What in the actual fuck...
    < Is making a monster ham for Easter
    v Likes teh boobs.
    Elyaan may have made this. Possibly maybe.

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    ^ no no no!! when i see boobs ( jk I like boobs a lot)
    < Hates ham (even if i'm a biased vegetarian)
    V hates ham too

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    ^^^ Yes, I have a sock fetish. >.>
    ^ I hate ham. It's even worse than beef and lamb.
    < Prefers chicken and fish.
    v Hates fish.

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    ^ Most. Shellfish are delicious though
    < Had run out of raspberry tea and is depressed.
    v Will rise above this doubt
    Elyaan may have made this. Possibly maybe.

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    ^ Is right. I never hope, I know what will or won't happen.
    < *sips tea*
    v Thinks "Silly tauren, what you just said is impossible (about the knowing what will or won't happen thingie)"
    Pokemon Y / Pokemon OR
    Friendcode: 0791-2124-3938 (IGN: Michiel)

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    ^ Tauren are comprised of mostly time particles and hair. It's reasonable to assume you know your stuff.
    < Also hates ham,turkey,shell fish most feast food items actually.
    v Wonders how i survive if i hate all foods.

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