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    Also looking for prog that makes music quality better and also one for remixing songs

    Yo again,im also looking for 2 more programms,one for making music quality better and another one for remixing songs,with effects etc..all i know is virtualdj but is there another one that can be used without paying?

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    "making sound quality better" ? How ? What ?
    Ecce homo ergo elk

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    You're asking for a program that'll make years of experience in the audio engineering field into a few magic buttons.
    Let me help you - it doesn't exist.

    You cannot increase music quality per say, it's just impossible, since a recording can only degrade. If you're thinking about making a shitty 56K mp3 sound clear like a 320K, it's not gonna happen.

    If you want to reduce hiss, crackles, noise, making it punchier via compression, limiting and EQ, then there's a plethora of tools available in major sequencers such as Cubase/Ableton and the corresponding VSTi's, but you really have to know what you're doing, else you're just going to make the recording even shittier really really fast.

    Remixes are usually done with remix pack parts, that means the original track being chopped down to essential bits and then remixed. If you don't have that, all you can do is rip a loop from the track and FX it to hell and back to mask the rip a bit, but it's nowhere good enough for serious use, since the difference in quality between the ripped mp3 and the raw soundfiles you've got yourself will be noticeably audible.

    However, judging from the overall tone of your post and only knowing virtual dj (which is actually an entry-level live performance laptop DJ app, which sucks ass), you don't really know what you're wishing for.

    What you want, is worth years in music production experience, especially the "let's make this shit sound better" part, so until you can set a multiband compressor right in a FX chain drunk, woken up at 4am and scratching your balls while doing it in under 2 minutes, you're not getting nowhere you want

    Sorry to be blunt, but I've engineered records for a few major electronic labels in the past, and it's no cake. You can get 50% of the information you need to know on the web. 20% other people in the field will tell you, the last 30% no cunt in the world will tell you about, since the secret behind "the sound" is a process that everyone does differently and there simply isn't an instruction kit of "in case of this, do that".

    I'm way offtopic now, but in short - you need an audio engineer / producer for what you want, if you don't want complete garbage. For some fooling around with remixing and chopping live tracks you can try Ableton, but then again, you need to know reverb, delay, echo, eq, sequencing, arrangement, compression, limiting and all that shizzle, in other case you can literally make something that'll ruin your speakers.

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