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    OgreBattle 64: Person of Lordly Calibur - my favorite game ever and I still play it occasionally, and since it's been released on virtual console on the wii, I don't need to plug up my old N64 to play it either
    Also, FFX-2 - I know, lots of people think 'But that was horrible' I got it last year and gave it a try, definitely a great game if you can put up with the extreme girly pop attitude(mute button works wonders XD). The combat system is amazing and definitely makes the meh story and overall feel of the game worth putting up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koshun View Post
    Singularity. A lot of people thought that game was awful, but I thouroughly enojoyed it. My friend and I dubbed the time-slow-sphere the Spirit Bomb and screamed Kamehameha whenever we used it (I know they're different, relax!). Great times...
    Oh man this! I loved slowing down time and seeing the funny headshots P:

    OT: Probably Champions of Norrath...<3 this game

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    Perfect Dark
    Duke Nukem 64
    Jet Moto
    Twisted Metal
    Age of Empires ( all)
    Red Faction ( first two)
    Oni Musha - seriously fantastic freaking game(s) and like no one i talk to has heard of it
    Paper Mario
    Total Annihilation *sp?
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Zone of the Enders
    Prince of Persia

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    Jet Set Radio Future.

    I faked being sick to miss school for it a few too many times back in middle school.
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    Gothic 1 and 2. :P

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    Crazy good game, so much depth. I literally spent over a year playing it. I "beat" it in about 2 weeks, then i discovered the item world. You actually go into items and grab good guys that put stat boosts to stuff you already have. It's a deep deep game, check out the link if you haven't played it. I stumbled across it on ebay several years ago, and it was constantly selling for 100 bucks or so. I freaked out, couldn't believe it. I then read they were coming out with a greatest hits version and the old ones dropped to 15-20 bucks and i snatched up one for 15.

    That game was one of the best. All of Nippon Ichi (i might have fucked up the spelling) are amazing, only a few are made/sold in the US. if you haven't played it, GET IT. It blows any other rpg out of the water.

    Final Fantasy Tactics is a pretty under rated game as well, it's an amazing piece of gaming. Shame they can't translate the feel of teh psx/ps2 games to online. The two i have played online have been utter shit. But yeah, grab disgaea and ff tactics if you REALLY like strategy rpgs.

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    I'd have to say Skies of Arcadia for Dreamcast or the updated Gamecube version. It's so underrated they'll never make that sequel that they originally planned to. It was such a great game, had a pretty good story, collecting a crew, nice rpg style combat and awesome airship battles.

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    Not sure if they count as underrated since the majority of people that played them loved them, but some games (believe it or not) a lot of people havn't heard of are

    Advance Wars - The original on GBA was in my opinion the best GBA game ever (Golden Sun at a close second)

    Monkey Island - A fantastic and funny puzzler, pretty old, but the newer ones arn't too bad.

    Phoenix Wright - I'm sure people here know what this is, but a lot of people I know also don't, only reason I bought my mate's old DS when he got one of the new smaller ones.

    Shadow of the Colossus - A cult classic ps2 game, pick it up if you can, probably extremely cheap now, it's only worth one good playthrough, but that one playthrough will be a fantastic experience. Ico is also worth a mention, being a similar style game, made by the same developers. The stories seem to intertwine but no one is quite sure how. A ps3 bundle of Ico/Shadow is planned for a re-release, so grab it when it comes if you can, these are two fantastic games. The Last Guardian, their PS3 title is sceduled for this year, I don't doubt it will be amazing.

    Monster Hunter - One of my favourite PS2 games to play, it had quite a small fanbase in EU/US, due to the fact that it was quite hard to pick up and play off the bat but once you got in to it, you were hooked. It's become a bit more popular with Monster Hunter Tri, but Capcom are hesitant to release half of the Monster Hunter titles that are made Japan only because it just isn't popular here, whereas in Japan it's ridiculously popular.

    Killzone - Not so much anymore, but the original PS2 game online, at least on the EU side, was excellent. Around 200 people max played it regularly, so despite the buggy graphics, lag issues, balance issues (isa nades lol) and lack of patch support, being able to jump in to a game and recognise half the names in there and having epic lols on the mic made it awesome. Oh, and Vekta Slums supply drop... tensest shit ever.

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