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    Amnesia: Dark descent.
    Everyday there's a thread of someone saying how good and scary is Amnesia. It is not underrated at all. Actually, it is kinda overrated. =P

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    Baldurs Gate on PC! I know alot of people give it credit were its due, but so many people i know never even heard of it.

    A more valid response i would say is Star Wars Knights of the old Republic, OMG IM REVAN! was just one of the million reactions/reasons that make that game have a great spot in my list of greatest games of all time!

    also Final Fantasy 9, Asherons Call, and im sure i'll edit about 100 more on when i think about it a bit more
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    Possibly heroes of might and magic V. Not sure if it's underrated though but I still remember getting the spam mail adverticing it in 2006 or so. I don't know why I even opened it, I usually don't touch spam and delete it without reading. Anyway, at first I didn't have any interest at all, but finally looked it up and bought it out of curiosity and the funny thing is, I ended up playing it for years when I had nothing better to do and really liking it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wargon View Post
    Baldurs Gate on PC! I know alot of people give it credit were its due, but so many people i know never even heard of it.
    Ya Baldurs Gate was great. Granted I was very young when I played it and didn't know what the hell i was doing hahaa. I remember it being pretty fun though.

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    Neverwinter nights

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    Beyond Good & Evil - probably the best game I've ever played on a console. It's similar in play-style to the Zelda games, but better in every aspect in my opinion. Its sales were pathetic, which is really sad because it truly was an awesome, well-rounded adventure game. The game recently got another crack at getting the attention it deserves with the HD release for the Playstation (makes me sad for the first time that I don't own one.)

    I never got to play Shadow of the Colossus, but one of my friends had it and even to this day at 23 years-old never seems to shut up about it. :P
    I guess it was a life-changing game for many.

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    I vote Lacuna Expanse.
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    Gex 64: Enter the gecko and Gex 3: Deep cover gecko? Anyone?XD The gameplay isnt very good, but I did enjoy it as a platformer, and it has some creative stuff in it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peeka View Post
    Neverwinter nights
    The first, not the second. Still probably the best game I've played.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lehran View Post
    Suikoden series, specifically Suikoden Tactics, story was lacking but I loved the game play, if you're into turned based strategy, this is a great game for you.
    Best of the best. Suikoden 2!

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    Grandia II and sega retarded? why is there not a sequel to nights yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihnasir View Post
    Golden Sun. People here usually know what it is but I talk to some gamers IRL who have no idea. Sad
    such a good RPG

    OT: I'd say Sword of Mana for GBA. Never really heard any1 talk about it, and I had a lot of fun playing it.

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    Dark Cloud on the Playstation 2. I freakin' love that game.

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    Sacrifice, for the PC. Wonderful RTS. It's been out for ages, and yet there are still multiplayer matches going on.

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    I don't know about underrated.. but Shenmue. Most people don't know about it and it's in my opinion the best video game ever made.

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    I dunno, maybe Disgaea?
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    Gothic 3. Though I've never player the boxed version. Only with community patches enabled

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    All the amazing point-and-click adventure games from Lucas Arts and Sierra, can't remember all of em but heres some: Kings Quest series, Leisure Suit Larry, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, Full Throttle, The Dig, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island...

    One interesting sidenote, there was going to be a Warcraft point and click called Lord of The Clans. It may have been a big influence on shaping the concept of what WoW actually became.

    Thrall from early game screenshot:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostwood View Post
    1. No One Lives Forever!
    2. Amnesia: Dark descent.
    3. Populous: The Beginning

    They should've received more attention.
    No one lives Forever was awesome.

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