So there are titles you can post before and after your name. I propose that they be seperated into two dropboxes for fun. Examples would be like "Patron name the Patient and Ambassador name, Hand of A'dal. I have more ideas for titles on my wishlist.

Hungry name: Eat x amount of food.
Thirsty name: Drink x amount of beverages.
Instatiable name: Complete the hungry and thirsty achievements.
Crazy name: Complete x amount of LFD dungeons with 4 other pick up members.
Mountin Man name: Collect x number of mounts.
name The Ninja: Obtain exalted status with Ravenholt Syndacyte.
Tasty name: Consume x number of Tasty Cupcakes.
Last Week's name: Consume x number of Last week's Mammoths.
Haunted name: Comsume x number of Haunted Herring.
Name The Troll Hater: Kill x number of trolls in Zul Gurub and Zul Aman.
Fabulous name: Try on x number of clothes in the AH (Or spend x amount of gold in the barber shop).
Dr. Name (or Name, PH.D): Use x number of bandages.
Puppy Puncher name: Slay x number of critters.

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PS. you should get the twilight vanquisher title for slaying blood queen lana'thel.

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