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    Orc Warrior Name?

    Hello, I wanted to roll an alt and decided to make an orc warrior. I'm not that good with names, so I was wondering if anyone in the community had some good names. I want a name that fits with the both orc and warriors. Although I don't RP, I like actual names. It'll be a fury warrior if that helps with the naming. Please no stupid names ^^

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    Google it

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    Obviously Garrosh would win, it's like a gorilla vs a human... do you know how strong a gorilla is? He'll snap your dick off and throw it in the tall grass. Garrosh = dick-snapper.
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    Orc Warrior?


    Just off the top of my head.

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    lame character min.

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    Try Nodata's naming guide
    An orc name generator and you also see on which realm is the name available. Nice. Good luck.
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    How about Grom's spirit returns to strike the final blow but slips on a goblin oil slick and accidentally decapitates a passing Cenarius.

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    You can't have it, but mines name is Garroshh xD

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    If he's prot name him Instaqueue.

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    How about "Vraarg"

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    Orcanator/Orcagaddon are the first that came to my mind.

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    I generally think of a cool last name first, using fairly standard naming conventions.

    Bladefist, Ironhide, Blackhand. Steelhand.

    Since these names are 8-9 characters in length, that leaves me with 3-4 to use for the first name.

    Orc names are very consonant heavy so I end up with names such as;


    Putting them together you get names like;


    Male orc names tend to end in a consonant, Grom, Garrosh, Varok
    Female names tend to end in a vowel, Thura, Aggra, Draka
    is actually a rather helpful guide, as vague as it is.

    My only issue in terms of naming is the fact that WOW only allows for 12 characters, and no SPACE.
    If only it was like Baldur's Gate II, which allows for 18 characters, and you can use SPACE.

    Orgrimm Doomhammer fits rather nicely. Sure it's the name of a character from WOW thus you couldnt use it even if the game let you use that many characters (+ SPACE) but you have much more freedom with which to name stuff.

    Krom Skullsplitter would be an awesome orc warrior name.

    If only WOW let you have longer names, one can always dream i guess.
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    porchop damn 10 chars
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    I like Tinfoil

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    Adding to Cernunnos's post, you can always use Blizzard's Diablo II unique monster naming lists:

    Unique Monster Prefixes:
    Gloom, Gray, Dire, Black, Shadow, Haze, Wind, Storm, Warp, Night, Moon, Star, Pit, Flame, Ice, Seethe, Sharp, Ash, Blade, Steel, Stone, Rust, Mold, Blight, Plague, Rot, Ooze, Puke, Snot, Bile, Blood, Pulse, Gut, Gore, Flesh, Bone, Spine, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Wrath, Grief, Foul, Vile, Sin, Chaos, Dread, Doom, Bane, Death, Viper, Dragon, Devil

    Unique Monster Suffixes:
    Touch, Spell, Feast, Wound, Grin, Maim, Hack, Bite, Rend, Burn, Ripper, Kill, Call, Vex, Jade, Web, Shield, Killer, Razor, Drinker, Shifter, Crawler, Dancer, Bender, Weaver, Eater, Widow, Maggot, Spawn, Wight, Grumble, Growler, Snarl, Wolf, Crow, Raven, Hawk, Cloud, Bang, Head, Skull, Brow, Eye, Maw, Tongue, Fang, Horn, Thorn, Claw, Fist, Heart, Shank, Skin, Wing, Pox, Fester, Blister, Pus, Slime, Drool, Froth, Sludge, Venom, Poison, Break, Shard, Flame, Maul, Thirst, Lust

    Combine one from the former with one from the later, such as GloomTouch or VileFlame, and have that be the rest of your Orcs name.

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    Name it the first thing that comes to mind.

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    SeriousHeadInjury, shoulderstoobig, specialschool, etc etc.

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    <Fyrn> also looks pretty cool

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