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Thread: Peanut Butter

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    When I was 5... All we ever had was crunchy peanut butter... I hated it. Later on we somehow ended up making the switch to creamy... Even later I somehow got some crunchy peanut butter and I was in heaven... So my vote goes to crunchy, because I outgrew my stupidity and realized the errors of my ways.

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    I don't believe you heard me stutter, when I told you... PEANUT BUTTER!

    Elsewise, I kinda like both, but most of the time the creamy kind's the more available kind (house-wise), so I suppose it'd be creamy?

    Cruncy isn't bad either.
    Is it a bad thing if I'm slightly bored out of my wits half the time even in real life?

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    I freaking LOVE peanut butter! But when I got pregnant a couple months ago... baby decided... U CAN HZ NO PB! >.< So it makes me sick I hope that changes!

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    Creamy for sure
    ^this is soo true! I myself like to take a bite on my peanut butter sandwich and soak it down with milk while eating it.... yummy!

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    peter pans honey creamy nutty peanutbutter. i ate an entire jar by myself the first time i did acid, it was the most amazing thing ever


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    Crunchy, adds a bit of extra nom to sandwiches.

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    I don't understand...

    Even crunchy becomes creamy once you actually chew it. I mean, unless you just rub your tongue all over it then swallow it whole.

    I love all peanut butter, but ultimately it always turns creamy and that is when it is enjoyable the most. When it's creamy goodness can spread it's way around your mouth and bring that sweet peanut buttery sensation to every tastebud.

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    who eats peanut butter by itself @[email protected], if its not with something sweet lie jelly or maybe honey i dont like it :S is where good ideas come from. Practice is where good players come from.

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    crunchy > creamy, except when it comes to dogs. then its creamy.

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    CREAMY! i love when it oozes out out between the toast mmmm /lick

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