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    WAFFLES! Deffo.. wtf is up with pancakes vs. waffles anyway? xD

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    Waffles, but only because I eat it like twice a year. Must be with whipped cream and cloudberryjam!

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    Pancakes are just waffles that gave up, true story.

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    Why do I have to take sides? Can we not coexist in delicious-syrupy-breakfast happiness?
    Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
    And when you see them you'll be all like :O and we'll be all like and then people on the forums will still be all like(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)

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    PANCAKES all the way!

    But waffles with strawberries and whiped cream is a very very close second.

    French toast is good too...

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    It's really funny you posted this poll and I had this discussion with classmates last week.

    I absolutely HATE pancakes. I hate the texture and the soggyness, the taste is unappealing too.

    I know waffles are made from the same batter most of the time but I like my breakfast choice not to crumble into a pile of mush from a teeny bit of syrup.

    crispyness of waffles are superior to the soggyness of pancakes.
    Plus I can make sandwiches with waffles, they're more sturdy

    WAFFLES have pockets that store little pockets of deliciousness.
    PANCAKES are flat, sometimes slightly rounded that cause your toppings to slide to the side
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    Both are good with maple syrup.

    But nobody would eat "Chicken and pancakes" or "Pancakes and ice cream"

    So waffles win out I guess.

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    i like pancakes with chocolate syrup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyistheguy View Post
    fuck you pancakes, I want WAFFLES.

    YEAH I WENT THERE. You can't stop me pancake lovers, I am immune to your so called "pancake deliciousness" as I am wearing +500 Pancake Resistance Pants right now!
    But i have Pancake penetration rating gems ;o

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    Waffles. Preferably with some sort of real fruit in the little dents. If not, a copious amount of syrup will suffice.

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    50/50 in poll at the moment, soooo close!
    Go team Pancake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theorangebox View Post
    Blue waffles.
    Ewww... D:

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    The reason why waffles are better than pancakes requires very simple logic.

    Pancakes are relatively round, flat, smooth, and, if made properly, absorbent. One of two things will happen to toppings placed on pancakes: they will either be absorbed, or they will slide off. This makes pancakes more of a race to finish eating, and there is virtually no time to savor the flavor.

    Waffles are square (sometimes round), have a tougher outside, have small pockets made to catch toppings, and aren't as absorbent due to less volume. When toppings are placed on waffles, they will absorb far less quickly due to the crispy, golden outside (almost forming a protective membrane), and larger toppings will be captured in the small pockets. These attributes make waffles easier to eat, and far more savory.

    Not to mention finding the area/volume of a square is easier than finding the area/volume of a circle =P
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    they are both
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    Pancakes or Crepes.. seems to vary what these are in different countries.. Either way we don't really do Waffles down here in Aus, anyway for me Crepes ala French Style Thin lacy goodness, with some crispy bacon and Maple Syrup, and a dash of whipped butter... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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    Pan. Cakes.

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    LOL depends on the day mostly. One day I could eat LOADS of pancakes and despise waffles but another day I could eat LOADS of waffles and despise pancakes. Usually I prefer waffles though but like I said it just depends on my mood at the time

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