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    First Ever Post!

    Hey guys,

    After a couple of months reading the updates on the front page and gradually reading around some of these forums, I have made an account and this is my first ever post!

    I'm really excited about it and can't wait to bombard these forums with my alternative medicine aficionado persona.

    I am an actor, college student that loves walks on the beach and then completely forgetting about the beach later while I play wow and stuff.

    Anyways, if anyone wants to shoot me advice or something or just want to talk, feel free

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    The guy next door who steals your wifi :D
    go troll somewhere else. nuff said
    You are such a good friend that if you and me were the last two people trapped on a sinking boat with only 1 life vest left, i would remember and pray for you every day.

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    Uh yeah.. welcome to the forums.

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