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    Sorry, 2008, aluminum body, oldschool (left side)

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    And the answer is no, a battery which needs to be replaced will still underclock the system. Third battery hear i come.

    I've replaced two hard drives, three power cables, and two batteries already on this, and got a warranty replacement on the logic board. These things don't last.

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    Early '08 MBP has a very easily removable battery. They don't have the solid Aluminum bottom like what's linked above in the picture. It's also before they introduced better batteries with more use before charge + lifetime. It might just be a simple matter of age. I don't suspect that my laptop that I bought last Black Friday will be benchmarking as high in three years.

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    These models are known for their Nvidia chipset failure, even tho your problems arent extreme it might be affected in some way that is leading up to a total failure.
    Testing without the battery is also a good idea but if that doesnt make a diffrence then you should consider going to a APR or AASP to get yours tested (the chipset failure has +3 years warranty)

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