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    Problem opening map / bags etc..

    I have this weird problem when i open my bags or open my map / check a zone i am not in.

    My comp freezes for a split second (FPS drops, say to 20) and back to 60, Verti Sync is on. (with Vert sync off i get 200-300FPS).

    I have an I5 2500k not OC)
    4G Ram
    6850 (Not OC)
    500GB 32MB HDD (7200RPM in Sata 3 port as i got the Mo-bo after intel released their problem issue). <-- Not sure if this is relevant

    I amn ot sure whats causing this problem,

    Vid settings are mostly all on Good.
    1680x1050 res
    Multisampling 4X
    Texture filtering 8X

    Everything is on good or enabled (Beside shadows / sunshafts / Liquid (It seems to mess with my FPS aswell).

    My Graph card is up to date (Got an update for it about 2weeks ago, + CC)
    It was the same before the update
    My setup can run wow on Ultra, but i decide not to use it (Preference use, don't like it, + raiding / SW etc).

    I haven't tried w/o addons as i am not sure if it was still happening w/o addons on.

    But have you experienced this and found out what was wrong?
    thanks for any help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aranor View Post
    I haven't tried w/o addons as i am not sure if it was still happening w/o addons on.
    Here's your problem. Would start by turning all addons off first. Plenty of addons broke with 4.06 patch and haven't been fixed yet properly.

    Actually first thing to try would be deleting wow\cache and wow\data\cache
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    Go ahead and run this and update all your addon stoo.

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