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    Cool I5 2500K Sandy

    Are they really that good as people make them sound? if so whats a good mobo to go along with it to do crossfire. And why is it that good

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    get the p67 as it was designed to get the best out of the 2nd gen intels for gaming. They are really nice and just google "processor comparison charts" to see. they are high in rankings, not #1 ofc but for 150-250$ they cost, they are REALLY nice. cheapest high ranking processor. other than the i7 2.6k which I have. it's basically a step up on the i5 2.5k.

    TL;DR: They are amazing and cheap.
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    Yes, the I5 2500K really is a superbe CPU and excellent value for money. After fixing the initial MB issues there should now be a limited choice of compatible MBs out there.

    Personally I've never seen the need to spend large amounts of money on a MB since I don't really OC much and don't have any extraordinary hardware setups. If you're building a pretty straight forward PC, there's no need to invest more than 100-150 dollars into a new MB.

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