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    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Hello everyone
    I recently found a Computer opponent for this game
    What do you think? Your "highscore"?

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    I did a 20-0-2... I cheated though. :3

    (cheating = ''See what teh computah iz thinkings'')

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    Where is lizard, Spock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disenchanted View Post
    Where is lizard, Spock?
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Wow this is awesome! You made my day op, I love RPS.
    I'm going to do some real damage!

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    So far I'm 5-15-15 on the veteran difficulty...apparently I'm rather predictable in my choices...

    Edit: 100 rounds down: 16-39-45
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    I started playing veteran and realized just how well it was able to predict my moves... so I made a gut reaction, stopped, and assumed the computer would assume what I was about to do so I could fight back and brought my score up 15-10-15. Pretty interesting game.

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    i never understood the logic behind Paper > Rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    My thoughts exactly.
    lol that's what I was thinking as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    My thoughts exactly.
    You're not the only one!
    ››yeah, here used to be a signature once. I've must lost it somewhere in the twisting nether... still waiting for the mail from the postmaster.

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    Versus a human being I usually always go with rock.

    Because we do full motions as if striking with a hammer while chanting "Rock, paper, scissors", and during the last stroke where you present your choice many already formed, for instance, paper on the way down. If I take note of it, I then unfold my fist to scissors just as we finish.

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    Awesome game did 160-170 rounds on normal and had a 46% loss ratio something like 58/51/64

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    11-6-10 on veteran after a minute or so :S

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    An interesting game. But it seems that a human is better able to predict the machine after a period of observation, than the machine predicting a person. After a while the machine is rather obvious.

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