So I occasionally get bored and twist around game quotes and songs and such with other game themes and so on... parodies and such. So this thread is just a fun little game to take your favorite quotes from games and movies etc, and Minecraft it!

I'll start off with my own terrible version based on the Starcraft 2, Ghosts of the Past Trailer, seen here if you haven't seen it yet (which is doubtful :P) :

Minecraft 2 - Picks of Liberty

"This is Kerrigan, there's a wave of Creepers advancing on this position! We need Iron Pickaxes..."
"What happened to Kerrigan wasn't your fault..."
"Belay that tower. We're moving ground."
"What?! You're not just gonna leave her!"
"Griefing doesn't factor into this, our Servers' about Creation. When you fill that chest up, let us know. We're buildin' with you."
"Sir! Spider Jockey's spawning in!"
"Sweet mother of Minecraft.."
"About time we kicked this Fortress, into Height Limit."
"Feels like Bedrock already..." "Heh heh heh.."
"The minerals you seek, lie within..."
"Jim Raynor represents a clear and present threat to this Server."
"Prince Baleric, we've got Creeper Waves, inbound."
"Kerrigan! What's she after?"
"She's come to finish the Mine..."
"Raynor... You're in way over your inventory..." "We'll see about that."
"Tell me why I shouldn't Grief you right now..." "Because I can build you, what you've always wanted.."
"If the Creepers blow everything up, it's all been for nothing!"
"Mine your ground!"
"So I'm going back to the Spawn Point, to get the job done."
"Now that's the Moderator I been waitin' on."
"Cause the one thing I know... is that some ores, are just worth Smelting."