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    Deleting shared files

    I am having a problem in WoW (bad graphic performance in old instances), and was told to delete my WTF, Cache and Interface-folders. Unfortunately, it seems that I have installed the game in a shared folder (there are 5 user-accounts on my PC), so it refuses to allow me to delete the file. How can I solve this (I suppose moving the game to my personal folder would the best solution)?

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    Moving WoW into unshared location is the best solution, then nobody using the computer will have those issues. I have the game installed in c:\wow

    Deleting cache will not usually help with bad framerate though, that is most likely caused by havin too slow computer.
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    While my computer is rather slow, I am currently having a specific problem with low FPS in old instances (fx Deeprun Tram and TBC-dungeons). I suppose it might have been triggered by a recent game-change, but it's also/otherwise because of a problem with my game (and should be solved by deleting some of the folders (according to a technical-staff-member)).

    Anyway, I'm trying the "Send to"-fuction to send the folder into my documents, though it'll take 35 min (not sure if this is the right way - I really suck at this kind of stuff).

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