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If you are going to use your computer for design you will want a quatro card. You could even go to an i7 2600k and use some of the money you save on the card as it will blow any gaming series card out of the water. They also have very very good driver support for the quatro cards so they will always work and be optimized for creative programs.
Quadro is more for precision in short.

A unique feature of Quadro GPUs is supporting anti-aliased lines in hardware, which has nothing in common with GeForce's full-scene anti-aliasing. It works for lines (but not for shaded polygons) without sacrificing system performance or taking extra video memory for over-sampling. Since this feature is standardized by OpenGL, it is supported by most professional applications.

A normal Geforce will handle most designs apps decently but in very very professional design and drafting they will probably expect you do use one. My brother's laptop uses a Quadro (Hes in design school).